Windows Notepad is getting a small but significant update


Windows Notepad, which if you’re anything like us is the program on your computer you pay least attention to, is getting its first major update in years. The new version of the software will (amongst other things) allow you to zoom in and out of text, and delete entire words at a time with ctrl-backspace. 

If these sound like long-overdue features then you’d be right but… better late than never?

Making it easier to zoom in and out will be particularly important as 4K and other high-resolution monitors become more common on PC. You’re going to need to make your text readable somehow, and being able to quickly hold Ctrl and spinning the mouse wheel feels about right to us.

The Verge reports that other features added include support for LF and CR line endings, better support for find and replace, integrated Bing search support, and displaying the status bar by default.

Who is Notepad for these days?

These features all look like decent additions to a piece of software that most people probably take for granted.

Personally, Notepad is my go to when I need to make a note of a short piece of information in the quickest possible time. A lack of cloud saves means I’m unlikely to use it for anything more permanent, while NotePad++ is always going to be my choice for the small amount of coding I occasionally do.

But there’s nothing to say Notepad couldn’t be capable of much more. If it featured cloud-saves and a fast-loading app then there’s nothing to say it couldn’t make a nice lightweight alternative to OneNote or Evernote.


The new version of Notepad is due to arrive in the next Windows 10 update.

When was the last time you used Notepad, and what was it for? Get in touch with us @TrustedReviews.

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