Watch out Sony, Steam’s latest stats uncover PC gaming is alive and well


PC gaming service, Steam, reached extraordinary new heights in a final few days, with a height braggadocio over 20m live active users over a march of a weekend. 

Steam is now inventory it’s all-time actor rise as: 20,313,451. This was achieved yesterday.

So, what’s pushing a increase? No doubt a fact new events have left some-more people in-doors, during home looking for things to do has helped. Equally though, a fast recognition of titles like Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, Grand Theft Auto V and Counter Strike: Global Offensive, continue to expostulate players to a service.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a quite conspicuous contributor. The diversion was expelled approach behind in 2012 though now, 8 years later, it consistently sits during a tip of Steam’s most-played games chart.

Image around Steam

So, because does Counter Strike keep gamers entrance behind for some-more so consistently?

Our examination of a diversion forked to a classic, addictive gameplay mechanics and elementary though appealing game-modes.

Our reviewer said: “The movement remains, as ever, beautifully offset though brutally difficult. While awards are doled out for kills in a form of achievements and money rewards, there are no perks or kill streaks and no determined advantages to levelling up.

“If we haven’t played for a while you’ll find yourself removing trashed by players who know a tricks and a maps improved than you, and it takes a certain turn of diligence not to give adult and yield behind to a Battlefield or Modern Warfare threequels. Valve has implemented a new matchmaking system, designed to fit we with players of your possess ability level, though while this gives we a fighting possibility it doesn’t mislay a high problem bend entirely. You will get better, though it’s going to take some time, some practice, and some knowledge opposite other players.”

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