Spotify drops the many limiting underline – contend hello to total libraries


While a pioneering streaming use Spotify non-stop us adult to a universe where 50 million marks were during a fingertips, a association still placed boundary on a strain we could call a own.

After years of pestering from a constant Premium subscribers, a association has now carried a 10,000 strain extent on tunes that can be combined to your personal strain library. Now we can pound that like heart for as many songs, albums and playlists as we wish.

The figure came on Twitter from Spotify developer Felipe O. Carvahlo, who pronounced a extent on Liked songs was “no more.” However, a extent of 10,000 songs probable to download for offline playback stays in place.

Carvahlo wrote: “After today, we can supplement as many songs as we like to your Liked Songs on Spotify. I’ve been operative with a tiny group on a refactoring required to lift this off for a while now. Very happy to see this finally out.”

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Until now, users have been told they indispensable to mislay some songs or albums from a Your Library territory in sequence to serve labour their “Epic collection.” Back in March, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek has betrothed this was being indifferent and it has now rolled out to a masses.

In a new Community post, Spotify now says this “avoids that concerned feeling that appears when you’re determining either to save full albums, or name singular marks in expectation of a ‘epic collection my friend’ cocktail up.”

The change has been a prolonged time coming, with users on record as requesting it as distant behind as 2014 in an ‘ideas exchange’ that perceived over 12,500 votes. In 2017, Spotify said: “At a impulse we don’t have skeleton to extend a Your Music limit. The reason is since reduction than 1% of users strech it.”

Whether some-more than 1% of people are now attack that 1,000 strain extent is unclear. However, for those who are, this is excellent, prolonged overdue news.

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