Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 trickle points to dual large upgrades


A obvious filed by Samsung could give us a hide rise during some new facilities in store for a Galaxy Fold 2 – and it looks like a foldable competence be removing a cost slash, too.

According to a patent, a supplement to a scandalous Samsung foldable will be water-resistant and underline a revamped presentation display. The obvious was filed by Samsung in Nov and published by a World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) on Friday.

LetsGoDigital – who initial speckled a obvious – has combined renders of what a Galaxy Fold 2 could demeanour like if Samsung chooses to follow by on these new features.

Image: LetsGoDigital

Read a examination of a Samsung Galaxy Fold

Despite being a priciest Samsung phone to date, a strange Galaxy Fold was not waterproof. This was due to a tie holes required to furnish a foldable hinge mechanism. Luckily, it looks as yet Samsung skeleton to pill this a subsequent time around, putting a foldable on customary with other renouned smartphones underwater.

The obvious states: “According to a embodiments of a disclosure, tools of an electronic device might be stable by requesting a safer waterproof structure to a hinge area of a electronic device that employs a hinge structure”.

According to LetsGoDigital, a front arrangement could also go by a flattering poignant change, transforming from a full second arrangement to a long, slight space for notifications to carillon in. While this might seem like a downgrade, a assets that Samsung would make with a smaller arrangement could potentially make a smartphone cheaper. After all, a mindfulness with a Galaxy Fold stems from a larger, foldable arrangement and not from a front display.

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One reason Samsung struggled to change Galaxy Fold units was positively a £1900 cost tag. If Samsung wants some-more people to emporium a subsequent foldable it will need to come adult with a some-more constrained price. This slight presentation shade could be how it skeleton to do that.

Just since Samsung has filed these patents, that doesn’t meant a association has to follow by with them. However, it seems Samsung is deliberation how to make a Galaxy Fold 2 a some-more constrained understanding than a prototype and we’re all for it.

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