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Debunking a Hateful Anti-Tattoo Facebook Page

Over a final integrate weeks readers have been seeking us about a Facebook village page by a name of “Your Tattoos Make You a Horrible Mother.” At initial we abandoned it underneath a arrogance that it was merely an try to goblin tattooed people into removing angry, that it many positively is.

But when we saw that it had perceived over 25,000 likes and was being discussed by over 190,000 people, we felt like we indispensable to contend something. In an epoch where people are good to trust all they review on a internet we felt that we couldn’t keep wordless about this page any longer.

The claims that a site creates about tattooed mothers and tattoos in ubiquitous are over ignorant, they are hurtful and one can disagree hateful. None of a claims on a Facebook page have any basement in fact. Honestly, if a chairman has even a jot of comprehension they can tell that a page is finish garbage.

Even if a page was done with satire in mind that line was crossed once they started doubt a parenting ability of tattooed mothers. That being said, greatfully don’t conflict by stuffing adult their page with indignant comments. You have any right to be mad, that’s because we’re creation an instance of them right now. But we assume page’s whole idea is to get tattooed people to overreact, so greatfully uncover that as a village we are above that.

Below we have collected some of a page’s misfortune claims and will residence them any individually.

‘Your Tattoos Make You a Horrible Mother’ Page Filled with Lies‘Your Tattoos Make You a Horrible Mother’ Page Filled with Lies

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