Common Ground: How to Democratise Nature Tickets, Thu 22 Apr 2021 at 18:00


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Spending a mere two hours a week outside is scientifically proven to lower blood pressure, enhance the immune system and reduce anxiety. Yet, for many communities, nature and the countryside are inaccessible with many city-dwellers struggling to find greenery in their local areas. There have been accounts of racist hate crimes in ‘community’ green spaces while plus-size people have long felt excluded from outdoor activities such as hiking. In this panel discussion, we hear from the organisations drawing attention to these inequalities and the trailblazing activists campaigning to make nature open to all.

Our panel for this event, hosted by Lizzie Daly:

Jeana Malhi

A systems change organiser with UK Youth Climate Coalition (UKYCC). She is currently interested in the lack of land rights in England and how it co-creates systems of oppression and a disconnect from nature. She is also a youth board member for Friends of the Earth (England, Wales and Northern Ireland)

Mya-Rose Craig

A British-Bangladeshi ornithologist, bird writer, naturalist, and campaigner for equal rights, Mya-Rose is the youngest person in the UK to receive an honorary Doctor of Science award. Mya-Rose is known as ‘Bird Girl UK’.

Ellen Miles

A creative strategist and social innovator with a focus on the relationship between social and climate justice. Ellen is the founder of the campaign ‘Nature is a Human Right’.

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