Celebs Love This Easy Summer Styling Trick


Color has a way of making an outfit pop—and that’s especially true when one is worn head to toe. Celebrities have been particularly fond of monochromatic dressing as of late, with stars like Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, and Kendall Jenner leading the pack. Even eye-catching brights can look sleek and streamlined when paired with pieces of the same hue—and opting for more subdued shades, like browns or ultra-pale pinks, is an easy shortcut to crafting an elegant ensemble every time.

The best part about this trend? You can probably put it together using pieces from your own closet. Have a pair of colorful jeans you haven’t worn in years? Try them out with a coordinating hoodie for a fresh look (bonus points if you also have boots in a similar shade). Not sure what to wear with your new high-waisted mini? Work within the same color family and find a jacket that’s just a bit darker or lighter—no need to get too matchy-matchy.

Below, see how five celebrities tackled monochromatic dressing using five different colors.

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