Your emails: what does a Pixel 5 need to succeed?


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Samsung Galaxy Active 2 40mm Watch

Your review created during a finish of Nov 2019 was one of a reasons we bought a Samsung Galaxy Active 2 watch 40mm. Due to a availability, we was usually means to squeeze a Under Armour book during additional cost. 

Within a few days of carrying a Samsung watch it already had scratches on even nonetheless we had not finished anything out of a ordinary. Worried, we bought a cosmetic shields and have ragged it with those since. we wear it bland and assign it when in a shower. we have not swum with it or got it wet. 

At a commencement of Apr (after reduction than 4 months of use), a HR sensor (the behind cover) fell off due to a glue holding it on disintegrating. we had to take it to a use centre that was an inconvenience. we was meditative they would immediately reinstate a watch as we have given found out from googling that this is a famous issue. However, they usually concluded to reattach a behind cover! 

This watch does demeanour good and has many good attributes, nonetheless we can't disremember a fact that there is a poignant famous error of a HR sensor descending off a behind in such a brief space of time AND that Samsung thinks it is excusable to only hang it behind on. 

I am positively kicking myself for not shopping a Garmin Vivoactive 4s instead. 

I unequivocally cruise we should cruise amending your examination so other people don’t humour a same disappointment. 

— Clare Mann

We’re contemptible to hear about your experiences, that we’ve reproduced here so others can see. It is formidable for us to imitate a kind of prolonged tenure wear and rip on a product that users see, unfortunately.

Flame of a week

You’re impossibly un-trustable. You don’t even put a tell date on your articles! EXTREMELY POOR!

Besides, it DOES NOT matter what YOU call yourself. It is 1000% MY DECISION! Just since we call yourself trusted, my alarm bells, whistles, sirens all go crazy: WARNING!!! THESE GUYS ARE TRYING TO MANIPULATE ME!

Have a good day.

— Anonymous

That’s great, interjection for entertaining us adult in these dim times, generally a respectful “have a good day” during a end. It’s “untrustworthy” not “un-trustable”. We hang tell dates on all a articles of course, as a cursory demeanour during roughly any page would tell you. As to either we accept a name or not, good that’s adult to you, nonetheless during slightest we use one. 

Panasonic GXW804 Viera app

Based partly on your unequivocally good examination we purchased a Panasonic GXW804 model.

Unfortunately, a supposing Viera app is no longer operative on stream IOS versions (connection mislaid after 10 sec). Maybe we should embody a warning in a essay or even improved can remonstrate Panasonic to repair a issue.

— Martijn

Thanks for vouchsafing us know. That’s not good – we’ll demeanour into it some some-more and get behind to you.

Modern Warfare

I theory we didn’t play a game unequivocally long. It is rigged. Pistols take out armor and fire down jets. Both sides demeanour a same. People can run by claymores. It is not Modern Warfare –  it is not tighten to anything. Like we pronounced snipers rule. BF4 had a best diversion for personification multiplayer. You get a tiny map for Deathmatch afterwards your actor who seems to have special skills. Some players have kills in a teen and 20’s while others have kills 40’s to a 80’s and 90’s. Which shows they have a transparent advantage that others don’t have. You need to relook during this game. 

— Ken Bishop 

Thanks Ken. We examination a games as entirely as we can – we tested a PS4 chronicle – nonetheless we can’t pledge everybody will have a same knowledge as we did.

Google Pixel 5

Your points are good made. we would contend nonetheless that with a normal series of years a user keeps their smartphone rising there are one or dual facilities that are intensely critical for buyers:

  • 5G 
  • and battery life

The above MUST not be compromised if a Google Pixel 5 is going to be a success.

— Ian

Agreed nonetheless a extended mass of consumers isn’t substantially going to make a pierce to 5G only yet, and we cruise Google has bigger problems than 5G. But battery life does seem to have been a genuine bugbear with a Pixel 4, so we’d determine with we there. Individual specs aside, a bigger doubt for Google has always been what it unequivocally brings to a list that’s opposite adequate to compute a phones from a tons of other unequivocally good Android handsets regulating Google services. Price could that thing, nonetheless arguably foe is even worse during a cheaper finish of a Android ranges. We’ll see! 

That’s it for another week. Thanks again to all a people who emailed in, and keep emailing in to continue a conversation. Stay safe!

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