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Vax is not so Platinum

I have just bought a Vax Platinum and have been using it for the past three days all over the house.  I can’t really believe what a good review you give it.

There is no mention of fitting the Fish Tail appliance to the front of the machine before starting to clean.  If this is not fitted, the dirty water will not go into the lower compartment.  We found this out after contacting Vax.  The booklet is not very clear at all.

It does not remove stubborn stains.  And the very worst thing about this machine …  how can you say the “easy to remove panels simplify the task of cleaning”?  Could you please tell me where these easy to remove panels are?  Everything underneath the machine is attached with screws. 

In the booklet, the only way of cleaning the brushes underneath are by taking out ten screws, pulling out  the left hand brush (without breaking the plastic) which isn’t easy, and also the black rubber to the right of the machine underneath. Then pulling the brushes out gently to try and clean behind them.  The machine gets very clogged and this chore is very arduous as this needs doing after every room has been cleaned, as the machine clogs up a lot.  

This machine works OK on a fairly new carpet without stains. However I really would not recommend this to anyone unless they are mechanically minded.  It is almost impossible to clean the brushes afterwards. Thank goodness for my husband.

— Judy

Thanks for letting us know. We can’t guarantee everyone’s experience of a product will be the same as ours. We ran a thorough series of cleaning tests, but we can’t be sure that the conditions you clean and the conditions we clean will be the same. If stains have dried in over a period of time, most carpet cleaners will struggle to remove them fully. We also have to ask – did you vacuum the room before using the cleaner, as this will make a significant difference in how clogged the machine gets.

DVD problems

I am the non technical owner of a Toshiba RD-98DT DVD player/recorder which I have owned for several years.

I can no longer access the programmes I have recorded via the “top menu” button on the remote control. So I purchased a new remote control deciding that this was the problem – but it still does not work!!!!

Is there another way to access these programmes using a different function on the remote control please?

Your help would be gratefully appreciated.

— Sue Smith

This model of the recorder is 12 years old now, so information about it is pretty limited, we’re afraid to say. The bad news is given its age; it’s probably simpler to get a new machine. There are direct replacements, i.e. players that combine Freeview recording and DVD playback, that will cost around £250-300 on Amazon or at Currys. Or you could buy a separate DVD player and a Freeview recorder instead, although there isn’t much of a price saving that way.

Finepix S9500 card issue

I have just bought one of these cameras secondhand but unfortunately it came without cards. They don’t seem to be available out here in Australia. What sort of cards are available for them as I really want to use it. The review you did of it was that it is an outstanding camera.

Hoping you can help with this problem.

— Liz Joraslafsky 

It was a good little beginner’s camera for its time – Nick, our editor in chief, used to have one – although that was a while ago, so we hope you didn’t spend too much. The camera uses a CompactFlash or XD card, which you should be able to find on Amazon.

S20’s battery and heating

I’m following you and watched most of your reviews and I wanted to ask you about the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Exynos version’s performance after a long use? What about the heating problem and battery life? Can it last for the end of the day with above average use even with 60Hz?

— Amr Yousef

Our deputy editor Al has been using that variant of the Galaxy S20 Plus for over a month and generally has had no issues with the battery life. Even at 120Hz, the phone easily lasts a full day’s average use. Keep in mind certain processes will impact any phone’s battery. If you happen to be on 5G a lot, then the battery life will be shorter. Equally, if you game or stream on your phone for hours at a time battery performance will be impacted.

Stihl GTA 26 chainsaw

I have one of those little saws. And I am in love with it. Spare batteries and chains are hard to find right now. But I recommend it to everyone I meet.

— Carrie

We published our review earlier this last week, and to our surprise, it was our most popular article by far for several days, so someone obviously agrees with you!

Honor 10 Lite NFC?

Hi, I read your phone reviews quite regularly and have just been looking through the review for Honor 10 Lite. I read it through twice in case I missed what I was looking for. Does this phone support NFC? 

The health situation that the world is going through suggests NFC or contactless payment is a must have. I am looking to buy a phone right now it must have NFC.

— Jim

The short answer is, it depends. Some markets support an NFC version, and some don’t. The UK version does include NFC.

The worst iPods of the lot

You may want to punish the hipster doofus who wrote this article back in 2015 because one simple, WOEFUL mistake showed how little he knows about audio. I get a lot of people got upset about U2 putting their rather lame album on everyone’s devices. THE HORROR.

But any audiophile, and a quick scan of such boards and sites, will tell you the U2 iPod is THE most sought after as it was the only iPod to have the superior, Irish made Wolfson DAC.

It’s totally audible in A/B tests to even casual listeners.

I’ve proved it over and over using 320kbps rips from CDs on my U2 unit, via a digital out to my system via light pipe vs any other iPod you can put up.

So I get it but the author’s transparent attempt to get some cred by putting a picture of the unit and Bono makes it clear he’s more interested in Cool Kid points than UTTERLY subverting the premise of his article.

— “drdotcom”

At least our author put his real name on what he wrote, Doc… Nor are we sure why you are criticising us putting a picture of U2’s internationally famous lead singer next to a U2 branded product. And bear in mind that article was a review of the history of the iPod rather than an exhaustive investigation of its technical characteristics, but fair’s fair, we take your point.

That’s it for another week. Thanks again to all the people who emailed in, and keep emailing in to continue the conversation. Stay safe!

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