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Vax is not so Platinum

I have usually bought a Vax Platinum and have been regulating it for a past 3 days all over a house.  we can’t unequivocally trust what a good examination we give it.

There is no discuss of wise a Fish Tail apparatus to a front of a appurtenance before starting to clean.  If this is not fitted, a unwashed H2O will not go into a reduce compartment.  We found this out after contacting Vax.  The pamphlet is not unequivocally pure during all.

It does not mislay realistic stains.  And a unequivocally misfortune thing about this appurtenance …  how can we contend a “easy to mislay panels facilitate a charge of cleaning”?  Could we greatfully tell me where these easy to mislay panels are?  Everything underneath a appurtenance is trustworthy with screws. 

In a booklet, a usually approach of cleaning a brushes underneath are by holding out 10 screws, pulling out  a left palm brush (without violation a plastic) that isn’t easy, and also a black rubber to a right of a appurtenance underneath. Then pulling a brushes out kindly to try and purify behind them.  The appurtenance gets unequivocally clogged and this duty is unequivocally strenuous as this needs doing after any room has been cleaned, as a appurtenance clogs adult a lot.  

This appurtenance works OK on a sincerely new runner though stains. However we unequivocally would not suggest this to anyone unless they are mechanically minded.  It is roughly unfit to purify a brushes afterwards. Thank integrity for my husband.

— Judy

Thanks for vouchsafing us know. We can’t pledge everyone’s knowledge of a product will be a same as ours. We ran a thorough array of cleaning tests, though we can’t be certain that a conditions we purify and a conditions we purify will be a same. If stains have dusty in over a duration of time, many runner cleaners will onslaught to mislay them fully. We also have to ask – did we opening a room before regulating a cleaner, as this will make a poignant disproportion in how clogged a appurtenance gets.

DVD problems

I am a non technical owners of a Toshiba RD-98DT DVD player/recorder that we have owned for several years.

I can no longer entrance a programmes we have accessible around a “top menu” symbol on a remote control. So we purchased a new remote control determining that this was a problem – though it still does not work!!!!

Is there another approach to entrance these programmes regulating a opposite duty on a remote control please?

Your assistance would be gratefully appreciated.

— Sue Smith

This indication of a recorder is 12 years aged now, so information about it is flattering limited, we’re fearful to say. The bad news is given a age; it’s substantially easier to get a new machine. There are approach replacements, i.e. players that mix Freeview recording and DVD playback, that will cost around £250-300 on Amazon or during Currys. Or we could buy a apart DVD actor and a Freeview recorder instead, nonetheless there isn’t many of a cost saving that way.

Finepix S9500 label issue

I have usually bought one of these cameras secondhand though unfortunately it came though cards. They don’t seem to be accessible out here in Australia. What arrange of cards are accessible for them as we unequivocally wish to use it. The examination we did of it was that it is an outstanding camera.

Hoping we can assistance with this problem.

— Liz Joraslafsky 

It was a good small beginner’s camera for a time – Nick, a editor in chief, used to have one – nonetheless that was a while ago, so we wish we didn’t spend too much. The camera uses a CompactFlash or XD card, that we should be means to find on Amazon.

S20’s battery and heating

I’m following we and watched many of your reviews and we wanted to ask we about a Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Exynos version’s opening after a prolonged use? What about a heating problem and battery life? Can it final for a finish of a day with above normal use even with 60Hz?

— Amr Yousef

Our emissary editor Al has been regulating that various of a Galaxy S20 Plus for over a month and generally has had no issues with a battery life. Even during 120Hz, a phone simply lasts a full day’s normal use. Keep in mind certain processes will impact any phone’s battery. If we occur to be on 5G a lot, afterwards a battery life will be shorter. Equally, if we diversion or tide on your phone for hours during a time battery opening will be impacted.

Stihl GTA 26 chainsaw

I have one of those small saws. And we am in adore with it. Spare batteries and bondage are tough to find right now. But we suggest it to everybody we meet.

— Carrie

We published a examination progressing this final week, and to a surprise, it was a many renouned essay by distant for several days, so someone apparently agrees with you!

Honor 10 Lite NFC?

Hi, we examination your phone reviews utterly frequently and have usually been looking by a examination for Honor 10 Lite. we examination it by twice in box we missed what we was looking for. Does this phone support NFC? 

The health conditions that a universe is going by suggests NFC or contactless remuneration is a contingency have. we am looking to buy a phone right now it contingency have NFC.

— Jim

The brief answer is, it depends. Some markets support an NFC version, and some don’t. The UK chronicle does embody NFC.

The misfortune iPods of a lot

You might wish to retaliate a hipster doofus who wrote this essay behind in 2015 since one simple, WOEFUL mistake showed how small he knows about audio. we get a lot of people got dissapoint about U2 putting their rather sore manuscript on everyone’s devices. THE HORROR.

But any audiophile, and a discerning indicate of such play and sites, will tell we a U2 iPod is THE many sought after as it was a usually iPod to have a superior, Irish done Wolfson DAC.

It’s totally heard in A/B tests to even infrequent listeners.

I’ve valid it over and over regulating 320kbps rips from CDs on my U2 unit, around a digital out to my complement around light siren vs any other iPod we can put up.

So we get it though a author’s pure try to get some cred by putting a design of a section and Bono creates it pure he’s some-more meddlesome in Cool Kid points than UTTERLY subverting a grounds of his article.

— “drdotcom”

At slightest a author put his genuine name on what he wrote, Doc… Nor are we certain because we are criticising us putting a design of U2’s internationally famous lead thespian subsequent to a U2 branded product. And bear in mind that essay was a examination of a story of a iPod rather than an downright examination of a technical characteristics, though fair’s fair, we take your point.

That’s it for another week. Thanks again to all a people who emailed in, and keep emailing in to continue a conversation. Stay safe!

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