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Sound and vision

was it me, or was there a graphic film thesis to final week’s emails?

— D. Justins

Ah, yes, good to see someone was profitable attention. Back to normal use this week though…

Specs for new R6

I’m unhappy to hear a proposed Canon R6 will have obtuse specs than what I’m sharpened now, a Canon 6D.  It would be a good upgrade… if it was. The Canon R5 looks like it will be some-more camera and during a aloft cost than what is right for me.  The Canon R that is already out departs too most from a customary EOS controls I’ve used for a cameras I’ve owned (D30, 10D, 20D, 50D and 6D).

 I’d hoped for a R6 that returned a EOS controls (Control circle on a back, joystick, Mode Dial) I’ve grown so accustomed to, and with homogeneous specs to a 6D.  They could leave off all video options altogether if that would trim some $$. I’m a stills shooter who never uses my camera for video.

— Rick Ohnsman

We’ll have to wait and what a final recover chronicle is like, that we’ll have a improved thought of in May, yet on your indicate about video – it costs zero to supplement it so stealing it would make no difference.

Quick correction

Just wanted to let we know LG’s Nano 90 series uses a A7 gen 3 processor, not A9.

— Dominic De Lello

Thanks, we’ll rectify a article.

BeoSound Stage

Just to criticism on your review of a BeoSound Stage soundbar: a remote is available. The BeoRemote One is accessible as an discretionary remote. I’m regulating a Stage with a BR One; and can control audio sources (it shows my radio presets), sound profiles (music/tv/nigh listening etc). 

— Jaap

Thanks for a information – happy to supplement it here.

Don’t buy from Mifo

There was one thing blank from your examination of a Mifo 05 earbuds – their after sales service. we was detrimental adequate to accept earbuds that don’t work. we can't get any of my emails answered and there is no phone series to call. I’m in Australia and there is no lapse residence as it appears they boat by Amazon even yet we purchased a earbuds from their Australia site.

I can’t get a response by Facebook follower and there are no other options to leave reviews or hit patron service. It’s a trashy set adult and a additional guaranty amounts to nothing. I’m so upset. Please let your business know when we do your examination what would occur to their earbuds if there was an issue. All that would occur is that they remove their money.

— Gayle

Well that examination of Mifo 05 all might be fine, yet grouping them is a disaster. we systematic rose bullion ones on Jan 30, betrothed smoothness 2-3 days, waited 2 weeks and contacted them: nothing left [if there ever was any]. we was offering black ones instead, 1 week later, no conveyance details.

These things don’t even exist and now they omit my ask for reinstate and we have had to take matters serve with Paypal to try collect my money. Funny adequate a rose bullion ones are still accessible to buy online, no denote they don’t exist, so trapping some-more people and holding their money.

— John Day

Sorry to hear that. We’ll refurbish a examination with your warnings. Thanks for vouchsafing us know.

That’s it for another week. Thanks again to all a people who emailed in, and keep emailing in to continue a conversation.

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