You could be fined £200 if we use Apple Pay during KFC, McDonald’s and Costa


Drivers risk being handed a £200 excellent if they use Apple Pay during a drive-thru.

The tough rules, that came into force in March, meant that drivers could be violation a law and they might not even realize they are doing so.

Under a prior rules, drivers would have been handed 3 points and a £100 fine.

The new laws meant that anyone seen holding their mobile phones while pushing will be handed 6 chastisement points and a £200 excellent – though this is throwing out drivers during drive-thrus.


Any patron who drives adult to a window and uses Apple Pay, Android Pay, Google Pay, PayPal or any other contactless app that involves regulating a mobile phone could be fined, reports Manchester Evening News.

The McDonald's grill in Pomphlett Road, Plymstock

Drivers could face a £200 excellent for regulating their mobile phone to pay
(Image: Google)

The authorised maze was lifted by Jay Chase on Twitter, who asked a chatter comment for GMP (Greater Manchester Police) Traffic if he could use Apple Pay during McDonald’s expostulate thru though losing his licence, as technically it would count as regulating a phone while driving.

The answer was flattering transparent – if your engine is off and handbrake practical afterwards it’s fine, though if it’s not, afterwards we could be penalised.

GMP Traffic said: “If your engine is off and your handbrake practical and you’re parked yes. If your engine is on NO.”

Jay, who lives in Stockport and works during a money convertors in Manchester, said: “My crony is a special deputy and we were perplexing to work out what a law is surrounding regulating your phone to compensate during McDonald’s Drive Thru, generally as a new worse penalties have come in for drivers regulating their phones.

“It raises another indicate as well, what if we are sitting in your automobile on your phone and a engine is on to comfortable up?”

It’s now bootleg to use a hand-held phone or identical device while driving, or roving a motorcycle.

The manners are a same if you’re stopped during trade lights or queuing in traffic.

UK law states that we can usually use your phone in a car if we need to call 999 in an puncture and it’s vulnerable or unreal to stop, or if we are safely parked.

If held regulating your phone behind a wheel, we could finish adult with 6 chastisement points on your looseness and a £200 fine.

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