You can indeed get a smartwatch that vibrates when we hold your face


A association in Seattle has designed a intelligent tracker that vibrates to warning we any time we hold your mouth, nose or eyes.

Immutouch is a device that fastens around your wrist like a unchanging smartwatch or aptness tracker. The usually disproportion is that, instead of counting your stairs or monitoring your heart rate, this wearable will count how many times we hold your face in a day.

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The device will also quiver whenever we hold your mouth, nose or eyes, radically training your physique to build some-more sterilizing habits now and for a future.

“On average, people hold their face 23 times per hour”, claims Immutouch on a website. “Everytime we hold your face, Immutouch vibrates, creation we wakeful of an differently comatose behaviour. By creation we wakeful of any occurence, you’ll stop a robe of passively touching your face.”

Image: Immutouch

Users simply need to tag on a watch and span it with a Immutouch app. The device will afterwards quiver to warning a user whenever their palm enters a pre-calibrated position and lane a information in a graph so users can see when they hold their face many in a app.

The app can be interconnected with one rope or two, depending on either we would live to lane both hands or only your many widespread one.

The Immutouch rope uses a same gravimetric palm position record as a company’s Slightly Robot Bracelet, a identical smartband designed to conflict a compulsive skin picking, spike satirical and hair pulling caused by trichotillomania.

Image: Immutouch

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“A problem a distance of COVID-19 requires everybody to do their part, vast or small”, pronounced co-founder Matthew Toles. “The 3 of us happened to be singly good versed to tackle this one charge and felt it was a avocation to during slightest try”.

Immutouch is accessible to sequence now during for $49.99, with general shipping available. However, we competence need to wait a few weeks to accept your wearable – all orders purchased from now will boat on Apr 6 to keep adult with demand.

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