Yoshi Tanenbaum’s Gazelle Flip Wins The Berrics’ Gnarliest Trick Contest


Less than dual years given branch pro, 24-year-old Yoshi Tanenbaum has been on an comprehensive tear, and a latest fame to his name is earning a pretension of a gnarliest pretence ever landed during The Berrics‘ indoor skatepark — dual tricks actually.

“Everyone’s finished so most crazy sh*t [here], what could we move to a table,” reminisces Tanenbaum. “For me we had to do that. Even if someone else did it, we substantially would’ve still came and did it, since in my mind that’s a trick.” Landing an violent cab flip first, a Stereo Skateboards supplement came behind and outdid himself with a even-gnarlier gazelle flip.

Listen in above as Tanenbaum and The Berrics’ Chase Gabor demeanour behind on those crazy days during a park.

In associated news, Berrics related adult with TATRAS for a limited-edition attire collection.

Gazelle flip VS cab flip? ? Did @yoshitanenbaum do a #BerricsGnarliestTrick?? You’re damn right he did! Two of them in fact. But a doubt still remains… that pretence do we consider is gnarlier? His cab flip or large flip 360 into a bank? YOU DECIDE! Let us know in a comments afterwards go check out a leader video where Yoshi breaks down all of his iconic tricks into a bank now personification on The Berrics site ? #skateboardingisfun #berrics

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