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Yi 4K+ Action Camera Camera

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What is a Yi 4K+ Action Camera?

The strange Yi 4K Action Camera was a GoPro Hero 4 Black opposition that cost we extremely reduction money. The follow adult 4K+ Action Camera indication follows a really matching template nonetheless upgrades a capabilities with 4K video during 60fps, that is a initial for an movement camera. Even a GoPro Hero 5 Black and Sony FDR-X3000 both tip out during 30fps. This means is we can design many smoother footage, even when sharpened during a tip resolution. There’s also 120fps during 1080p choice for slow-motion footage.

This, and a inclusion of electronic picture stablisation tech, creates a 4K+ is a good movement camera for capturing your adventures. But a miss of built-in waterproofing binds it behind in a face of a GoPro Hero 5 Black.

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Yi 4K+ Action Camera – Design and accessories

Yi 4K+ Action Camera

The Yi 4K Action Camera on a left, new 4K+ Action Camera on a right

The updated camera’s measure are matching to a comparison model, measuring in during 65 x 42 x 30mm.Outside of a somewhat easier branding on a front and CO fibre-like patterning, it’s tough to tell a dual models apart.

On a behind is a 2.19-inch touchscreen used for framing your shots and navigating a menus. It’s coated in Gorilla Glass, that simply survived me throwing a camera in my bag nonetheless any worries.

Yi 4K+ Action Camera

The touchscreen is your primary approach of interacting with a 4K+ Action Camera, aside from a singular shiver symbol on a top. The menu complement is matching to a prior 4K Action Camera so if you’ve used that before you’ll feel right during home. There’s not been any large expansion like a change from a GoPro Hero 4 to a Hero 5. LEDs on a front and behind make it apparent when a camera is recording.

Yi 4K+ Action Camera 7

The 4K+ Action Camera is as partial of a Waterproof Case Kit nonetheless in certain countries is accessible standalone. Without a pack a 4K+ Action Camera can’t be used to constraint your aquatics-based fun. The box adds a decent volume of distance and weight to a camera nonetheless includes a customary GoPro mountain on a bottom.

Otherwise, a camera’s categorical physique has a tripod thread underneath so you’ll potentially need to collect adult an inexpensive adaptor if we wish to use GoPro-style mounts, that are some-more straightforwardly available.

Yi 4K+ Action Camera 1

The miss of any any enclosed mounts is a frustration, though. Pick adult a GoPro or large other movement cameras and you’ll design to accept simple gummy mounts as standard. None are enclosed here even with a Waterproof Case Kit.

The other distrurbance with a waterproof box is that you’ll need to cocktail it open to change any settings regulating a touchscreen, that can apparently be unsure if you’re in a water. I’ve used third-party cases for a Yi 4K Action Camera in a past that embody a capacitive, nonetheless still waterproof, back surface element that let we continue regulating a touchscreen so it’s a contrition one of these isn’t included.

On a side of a camera you’ll find a USB-C pier for charging and faster information transfer, that is a acquire ascent from a Micro USB tie used on a customary 4K Action Cam. The USB-C pier can also now be used for joining an outmost microphone if we wish improved audio capture.

The bottom of a camera gives we entrance to a replaceable battery, that is a same distance as a comparison camera’s. Handy if we have any kicking around like we do. The microSD container is also dark divided here.

Yi 4K+ Action Camera – Connectivity and app

The 4K Action Camera’s Wi-Fi pairing was one of a many arguable I’ve seen from an movement camera and thankfully that stays a same with a 4K+ model. There’s still dual-band Wi-Fi, definition we can toggle between a higher operation of 2.4GHz or a faster send speed of 5GHz and we had no emanate with either.

I especially left it in a 5GHz mode, that sees information send speeds to a interconnected smartphone of about 6MB/s, that is flattering swift.

Taking a page from a GoPro Hero 5 range, there are now voice controls, nonetheless we found them to be a swig to trigger and dangerous when outdoors. You can emanate commands like ‘Yi Action record video’ or ‘Yi Action spin off’ nonetheless unless you’re right subsequent to a camera these commands mostly get lost.

The camera pairs with a Yi Action messenger app for iOS and Android, that guides we by a routine of joining to a camera’s Wi-Fi network. The app lets we change all a settings we would design as good as providing a live perspective of a sensor, that is accessible if we have a camera mounted out of a way. The check in what’s shown on your phone is usually minimal, too. we generally resorted to this whenever we indispensable to remotely trigger a camera rather than regulating voice.

Yi 4K+ Action Camera

The app will also let we trim and share videos simply and for still images we can request filters and picture effects like a pseudo-tiny world perspective matching to what’s accessible on 360-degree cameras. They’re fun for a few mins nonetheless not something we see people regulating regularly, matching to a Instagram-like side to a app where people can share their content.


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