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Xiaomi MiJia Car DVR Camera Camcorder

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What is a Xiaomi MiJia Car DVR Camera?

The Xiaomi MiJia Car DVR Camera is an ultra-low bill lurch cam. Priced during usually marginally some-more than £50, a MiJia is about as inexpensive a lurch cam that we can buy – nonetheless you’ll have to squeeze it directly from GearBest in China to get it for this price. The doubt is whether, notwithstanding a unavoidable compromises of a rock-bottom pricing, a MiJia can do a pursuit intended.

Xiaomi MiJia Car DVR Camera – Specification and Windscreen Mounting

Despite a MiJia’s bill orientation, a inner selection isn’t too bad. The device is formed around a Sony IMX323 CMOS, that is a chip directed during video notice and security, braggadocio means opening in low light. It has a reasonable 1/2.9-inch distance and 2.19 megapixels, that is ideally adequate for a limit video fortitude of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

This fortitude is accessible during 30 frames/sec, though it’s also probable to constraint 720p during 30 or 60 frames/sec. A microSD label is used for storage, with support for adult to 64GB capacity, nonetheless no procession is enclosed in a box. At a tip Full HD recording resolution, a reasonable information rate of 16Mbits/sec is used, so a 16GB microSD label will be sufficient for about 130 mins of footage before recording starts to loop.

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Xiaomi mijia Car DVR Camera

The MiJia’s ascent options are minimal. There’s a really elementary windscreen connection included, that has a round corner built in so a angle of a camera can be adjusted. The mountain attaches to a shade around an glue patch rather than suction, with an additional patch enclosed in a box should we use adult a strange one.

Although lurch cams are meant to be left in a automobile – distinct satnavs – it’s still a bit of a obstacle that your usually choice with a MiJia is permanent attachment. You have usually dual chances to switch a mountain to another vehicle, nonetheless we can of march slip a camera itself off a mount, that isn’t too difficult, even if there isn’t any kind of discerning recover included.

Xiaomi MiJia Car DVR Camera – Menu and Manual Settings

Using a MiJia is done formidable by a fact that, as a internal Chinese product alien into a UK, no try has been done to internationalise a menu or manual. Unless we can review Chinese characters and have a clever grasp of Mandarin, a initial menus that cocktail adult when we initial spin on a section won’t accurately be enlightening. The usually partial of a setup procession that’s lucid is environment a date and time, that will be accessible for rightly date-stamping a accessible video files.

However, there is allegedly another track to configuring a MiJia. Despite a price, this lurch cam has built-in Wi-Fi. If we slick by a unintelligible Chinese-only manual, you’ll learn a QR formula that will lead to installing a MiHome smartphone app around your device’s app store. You can afterwards name a one transparent English word on a menu, ‘WIFI’, to perspective a wireless network SSID and cue for signing in on your smartphone.

Xiaomi mijia Car DVR Camera

Once your smartphone is on a MiJia Wi-Fi network, we can bucket MiHome. This takes we by a decidedly irritating and concerned signup procession that requires activation around an email residence or write number. Then, finally, we can pointer in… usually to find that a MiJia dashcam isn’t now one of a inclination upheld by this app – nor, in fact, is this a right app for this lurch cam.

Why Xiaomi put a QR formula in a primer to entrance an app that doesn’t now support a device in doubt usually it can answer. It’s probable that there will be support in a future, though until afterwards this nullifies any advantage from carrying Wi-Fi built into a MiJia, that was rather a startling inclusion during this cost to start with.

Unfortunately, a finish outcome of all this is that, unless we can review Chinese, we won’t simply be means to change a settings on a section from a bureau default. So nonetheless in speculation it annals 720p video, you’ll be stranded with 1080p. If we conduct to a Gearbest.com website, there is a beam to a what a menu means, and it’s also transparent that a MiHome app isn’t a right one, though it appears that a MiJia DVR app isn’t accessible in a UK iOS app store.

Xiaomi MiJia Car DVR Camera – Optional Safety Features

It’s no warn to find that a MiJia isn’t packaged with additional reserve features, deliberation a price. Even if it was, a Chinese-only menu would make it unfit to configure these functions anyway. For starters, there’s no GPS built in, so your plcae isn’t accessible alongside a video.

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Xiaomi mijia Car DVR Camera

However, there is a G-sensor, so when a lurch cam detects pointy cornering, fast braking, or a collision, it will symbol a stream video record as an occurrence and safeguard it’s protected. Otherwise, a looped recording complement will recycle storage once a memory label has filled up, overwriting a oldest files with new ones.

Xiaomi MiJia Car DVR Camera – Image Quality

Although a MiJIa uses a pretty high information rate for Full HD, this doesn’t interpret into a best lurch cam video I’ve seen during this resolution. Contrast is decent enough, though fact is lacking, nonetheless it is probable to review circuitously series plates. The lens is rated during f/1.8, and a MiJia performs sufficient in low light – although, here again, it isn’t a best I’ve come across. Overall, opening is only about excusable for a price.

You can perspective a representation of footage from a Xiaomi MiJia Car DVR here.

Should we buy a Xiaomi mijia Car DVR Camera?

It’s tough to suggest a Xiaomi MiJia Car DVR Camera to anyone who doesn’t review Chinese. Nevertheless, it’s means of endurable picture peculiarity and it’s intensely cheap. So if you’re not meddlesome in changing any settings and don’t wish to spend most on your lurch cam, this is a good value unit. But there are a lot of frustrations to contend with outward a Chinese-reading world.


The Xiaomi MiJia Car DVR Camera is impossibly cheap, and only about does a pursuit – nonetheless a Chinese-only menus, primer and self-existent app in a UK are a hindrance.


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