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Xbox One controllers will work on Project Scarlett – Microsoft pulls a 360

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Microsoft has reliable stream era Xbox One controllers and peripherals will work on a newly denounced Project Scarlett, Xbox 2 console.

The news was suggested in a matter sent to Windows Central on Monday. The matter reported Partner Director of Program Management during Xbox, Jason Ronald confirmed:

“All your accessories are concordant relocating brazen as well. If we go and buy an Elite Wireless Controller or Series Two Controller that will be brazen concordant on a Scarlett.”

This means all stream Xbox One concordant headsets and third celebration controllers should theoretically work on a new consoles. This is a noted spin around on a plan Microsoft took when rising a Xbox One.

The Xbox One used a opposite tie form to a Xbox 360’s peripherals, effectively creation comparison controllers and wireless headsets saved paperweights when a current-gen console launched.

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Project Scarlett, ordinarily referred to as a Xbox 2, was denounced during Microsoft’s E3 2019 keynote on Sunday. The console is designed to take on a PS5 when a dual consoles launch. The Xbox 2 is set to be expelled during an vague indicate in “the holiday deteriorate 2020”.

Specific sum are singular during a impulse outward of a fact it will be formed off AMD tech and able of 8K, non-static modernise rate gaming with ray tracing. The underline set is on standard with what we now know about a PS5.

The console’s pricing and accurate pattern haven’t been suggested nonetheless it will expected have a possess new controller during launch, we usually don’t know what it looks like yet. Microsoft has also been parsimonious lipped about what Xbox 2 games will be accessible during launch. The usually reliable launch pretension we have is Halo Infinite.

Microsoft denounced a second era Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 alongside Project Scarlett. The controller is being marketed as a “most advanced” gamepad accessible and is designed for “pro” and hardcore gamers.

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