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Xbox 2 games: All a titles entrance to Project Scarlett, and a few we wish were

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Microsoft’s finally given a hotly expected Xbox 2 console a codename: Project Scarlett.

But, notwithstanding charity early sum on a specifications and giving it a severe “holiday deteriorate 2020” recover date during a E3 2019 launch event, Microsoft remained parsimonious lipped on one pivotal detail: what launch titles a Xbox 2 will have.

Here to help, we’ve combined a decisive beam of all a games we know are entrance to a Xbox 2 / Project Scarlett and a wish list of a ones we expect, or wish to.

Make certain to bookmark this page as we’ll be updating it as and when new Xbox 2 games are confirmed.

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Xbox 2 launch titles: Confirmed Project Scarlett games

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite

The list of reliable Xbox 2 games is sincerely brief as it stands. There’s usually one: Halo Infinite. There’s also changed small information on Halo Infinite outward of a fact it’ll be a Project Scarlett launch title. Microsoft gave subsequent to no sum about a game’s tract or gameplay.

We’re guessing it’ll still be a Sci-Fi-themed, first-person shooter. But a usually plain information we have is that 343 Studios – a group behind a prior Halo 5: Guardians entrance into a array – will be creation it and that it will be “spiritual reboot” and “a ideal starting indicate for new players”.

Games we wish to see on a Xbox 2

cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077

There are few games that have generated as most hum as CD Projekt’s Cyberpunk 2077. When it was denounced during E3 years ago, all we got was a small small trailer that gave to subsequent to no sum about a game. It was usually final year we got any information about a game’s tract and gameplay.

Taking place in a Blade Runner-esque Night City a diversion will see we take a purpose of heavily modded niggardly V. The diversion looks undisguised beautiful from what we’ve seen and will even underline everyone’s favorite hitman Keanu Reeves in a cast.

The Apr 2020 recover puts it good before a Xbox 2’s launch, though given how good a diversion looks and how heavily rumoured it is to support ray tracing, we’d design a next-gen chronicle to seem after on.

Elder Scrolls 6

Elder Scrolls 6

The Elder Scrolls Skyrim is a mill cold classic. The anticipation RPG lets we emanate a impression and do flattering most whatever we wanted in an amazingly minute open world. For us here during Trusted, it set a customary for open universe RPGs.

But Bethesda’s been carrying a tough time of it with a RPGs recently. Fallout 4 wasn’t accurately a high indicate for a authorization and for some Fallout 76 was a final spike in a maestro open-world RPG maker’s coffin. A large reason for this was both games use of a studio’s somewhat clunky, aging engine. Which is because we’re awaiting a new Elder Scrolls 6 to have a some-more poignant makeover and potentially use new hardware – a form we get on a subsequent era console, like a Xbox 2.

Sadly, as it stands, this is pristine conjecture as Bethesda didn’t offer any new information on a subsequent entrance into a iconic Elder Scrolls array during a E3 2019 keynote.



The same is loyal for Bethesda’s puzzling new IP. Starfield was denounced dual E3s ago alongside Elder Scrolls 6. The demo doesn’t offer any sum about Starfield’s plot, gameplay or even that platforms it’ll be expelled on. All we got was a deceptive idea that it’ll be a Sci-Fi diversion and an RPG.

Given how bad Mass Effect Andromeda was, there’s copiousness of room for a new Sci-Fi epic to take centre theatre and that’s accurately what we’re anticipating Starfield will do when a Xbox 2 and PS5 launch subsequent year.

Forza Horizon 4

Forza Motorsport 8

A lot of people might be rolling their eyes and observant “duh” on this one. But it would be unheard of for a new Xbox to launch though a new Forza racing diversion in a library. Which is because we’re awaiting a Xbox 2 to underline a subsequent Forza Motorsport in a launch line-up.

Fable 4

This is an engaging one. Originally it looked like a Fable authorization had finally left a approach of a dodo after a multiplayer Fable Legends was unceremoniously canceled before being released. Then uninformed rumblings emerged forward of E3 that Microsoft would betray Fable 4 during a 2019 keynote.

Executive vice-president of Gaming during Microsoft Phil Spencer went on to supplement another turn of amour after a diversion unsuccessful to seem during a show. Specifically Spencer put out a a next tweet, suggesting a association might have next-gen skeleton for a series.

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