Why Michel Roux Jr will be celebrating his 60th birthday during sea


Tired of airline food and unconstrained immigration queues on arrival? If you’re New York-bound this summer, Cunard has a answer. As partial of a 180th anniversary celebrations, a flagship vessel, Queen Mary 2, will be hosting mythological cook Michel Roux Jr and members of his group from a equally mythological Le Gavroche for 7 nights of excellent dining during sea – all partial of a initial Festival Of Food And Wine voyage. 

The two-Michelin-starred chef, who will applaud his 60th birthday during a Atlantic channel (which leaves Southampton on 7 June), will horde a array of culinary events via a voyage, during that passengers will also have a possibility to join a Cunard Wine Academy and benefit a Wine Spirit Education Trust Level 1 Award.

Le Gavroche, that distinguished a 50th anniversary in 2017, has been a London landmark given a pregnancy and Roux Jr will be assimilated by a executive cook Rachel Humphrey for cooking demonstrations and a QA session. Le Gavroche’s at-sea charity – that will embody classical dishes such as langoustines in a ginger butter salsa and fry shelve of “Herdwick” lamb with potatoes, garlic, peas and lamb bacon – will be served in QM2‘s Verandah grill and there will also be a possibility to suffer a three-course celebration menu in a Britannia Grill.

Here’s what else to design from a culinary tour of a year…

What desirous we to take Le Gavroche to sea?
Michel Roux Jr: we was carrying cooking with my good friend, Will Lyons [wine columnist during a Times] and he suggested it to me. Le Gavroche has been in London for some-more than 50 years and he suspicion collaborating with another iconic brand, such as Cunard, would be amazing. He was, of course, right. The beauty of holding Le Gavroche to sea for a really initial time was irresistible. The QM2 is an iconic boat itself and a transatlantic excursion is one of dreams.

Did we have any reservations per a peculiarity of use we could broach on QM2?
Not during all. QM2 has an superb repute for a peculiarity of use and a story of excellence. we also know a executive chef, Gareth Bowen, so there was never a doubt in my mind.

How will we supply a ship? Will Le Gavroche mixture be taken on house or will we pull from a ship’s victuals?
Gareth and we indeed have some of a same suppliers and source many of a mixture from a same producers, that is really handy. There are a few dilettante mixture that my executive chef, Rachel Humphrey, and we will be bringing with us, though differently Gareth and a group will be sourcing mixture from my endorsed suppliers. It will be a loyal Le Gavroche experience.

How do we see a menus developing?
The menus are finished and all sealed off. we wanted to move classical Le Gavroche cuisine onboard, a same dishes that a guest have desired for some-more than half a century. It’s classical French excellent dining, indulgent and gourmand. Guests are in for a genuine treat.

Is there a thesis to a trip, culinarily speaking?
The excursion itself is a Festival Of Food And Wine, so it’s all about celebrating a really best in both those worlds with a serf assembly of connoisseurs. Le Gavroche has an implausible culinary story and I’m anxious we can share and applaud that with genuine food lovers in such overwhelming surroundings.

What are we many vehement about doing when we strech New York?
I adore New York. I’ll be streamer to a markets and afterwards throwing adult on a latest in a food stage there. Maybe a discerning nightcap during The Dead Rabbit, too! I’m an zealous curtain and we tend to find that it’s a best approach to try a city, so I’ll try and fist in a run or dual while I’m there.

This is a 180th anniversary of Cunard. Can passengers design any nods to 19th-century dining and use on a voyage?
There will of march be nods to a 19th century – model use and dining – that was so critical in that era. And we’ll have dual celebrations on board. I’ll be celebrating my 60th birthday!

If we could select one plate to paint a final 180 years, what would it be?
I don’t know if we could collect only one. we collect cookbooks and my library is using into a thousands now, so we could be there a while perplexing to collect only one. Some of them date behind some-more than 300 years. There’s such a operation of engaging ancient and classical recipes and some of a mixture are still informed currently – caviar, Champagne, lobster, mutton pies, larks… Maybe not a final one!


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