Why is my Amazon Echo blinking yellow, red, or green?


Amazon’s Echo inclination all use a intense ring of blue light to let we know when Alexa is listening out for your voice – though those lights can also spin red, yellow, immature or purple, and peep during opposite intervals to warning we to other things.

If you’ve ever wondered what those colours meant, you’ve come to a right place: this beam will explain them all, and what we can do about them.

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Where is a Amazon Echo light ring?

The customary Echo and Echo Dot speakers don’t have a screen, so their LED light rings are a customarily approach to prove something is function visually, though Alexa carrying to pronounce any time. The light ring is on a tip face of any device.

The Echo Spot uses a round arrangement to emanate a phony ring around a outdoor edge, while a Echo Show models have an LED light bar underneath a some-more traditionally-shaped screen. In a US, there’s also a Amazon Tap Alexa-enabled Bluetooth speaker, that has 5 LEDs on a tip face instead of a light ring, and a Amazon Look camera, that has a tiny light ring around a camera lens.

The colours displayed on a light rings will be a same opposite all devices, and what they meant is consistent opposite a range.

Why is my Echo flashing blue?

When we initial spin on your Echo device, a light ring will be plain blue with a spinning cyan segment. This indicates it is powering up, and will disappear once it has finished booting and connected to your Wi-Fi network.

If your Echo device is operative correctly, there won’t be any lights display during all; some inclination might have a tiny energy LED on a behind where we block in a mains adaptor, though while it is listening for we to contend a Alexa trigger word, there’s no visible denote it is doing anything during all.

Once we contend a “Alexa” arise word (or whatever choice word you’ve selected by a Alexa app) a light ring will spin blue. A singular cyan shred will be forked in your direction, to prove a Echo’s directional microphones have rescued where we are in vicinity to your device.

The blue light spins once you’re finished speaking, to uncover that Alexa is estimate your request, and afterwards it will solemnly peep while Alexa speaks in response. Once it stops talking, a light should go out.

Amazon Echo Spot blue light

You’ll see a blue light on your Echo often: it means that Alexa is listening

Why is my Echo flashing purple?

If we see a brief purple peep after an Alexa authority or response, it means Do Not Disturb has been incited on. This prevents anyone from job or messaging we by your Echo device during certain times.

To invalidate this mode, open a Alexa app on your smartphone, daub a menu idol in a tip left corner, and select Settings. Now daub Device Settings and select your Echo from a list of accessible devices. Tap Do Not Disturb and afterwards daub a toggle on a subsequent shade to spin it off. You can also say, “Alexa, spin on/off Do Not Disturb.”

Amazon Echo Do Not Disturb

If we Echo has a purple ring, it means that Do Not Disturb is incited on

Why is my Echo flashing red?

If we see a flashing red light after we ask your Echo a doubt or give it a command, it customarily means Amazon’s servers can’t be reached. It is routinely accompanied by an Alexa summary observant it is “having difficulty understanding”. Make certain your router has internet access, that your Wi-Fi network is operative correctly, and that your Echo device is tighten adequate to detect a Wi-Fi signal, and a blunder should scold itself.

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Why is my Echo plain red?

A ring of plain red light means a microphone on your device has been muted, preventing Alexa from conference your voice. On inclination with a built-in camera, this also means a camera has been disabled. Alexa won’t be means to respond to any requests until we unmute a device. Even if we remove energy and your device switches off, it will remember a final state and keep a microphone infirm when a Echo is incited behind on.

To unmute your device, press a Microphone button. This is customarily found on a tip of an Echo speaker, and will possibly demeanour like a microphone with a line by it, or simply a round with a line by it. On certain devices, this symbol will also be bright red. Once pushed, a red light ring will spin off and you’ll be means to speak to Alexa again.

Echo Red Light

A red light (and with a Spot, a red-lit microphone button) means that a Echo has a microphone disabled

Why is my Echo flashing green?

A flashing immature light shows we have a call entrance in around Alexa’s job and messaging feature, or someone is Dropping In on your device. It is customarily accompanied by an heard ringtone. Say, “Alexa, answer call,” and your Echo will accept a call. If we don’t wish to talk, contend “Alexa, ignore,” and your Echo will reject a call.

Once we answer a call, a counterclockwise spinning immature light indicates we are on an active call or Drop In. Saying “Alexa, Hang up,” will finish a call, that should spin off a light.

Amazon Echo immature light

A immature light like this shows that you’re on a call

Why is my Echo flashing yellow?

A yellow light ring indicates we have a summary watchful for you. This could be a summary from one of your contacts, or it could be a package smoothness presentation from Amazon; if you’ve systematic any presents for family members, you’ll wish to be clever how we play your summary back.

If we don’t mind anyone else conference your message, simply say, “Alexa, examination my messages.” It will afterwards examination them out, and invalidate a flashing light in a process. For a some-more private method, use a Alexa app on your smartphone. You’ll be means to examination package smoothness notifications and content messages, or play audio messages – both will afterwards invalidate a light on a Echo.

Why is my Echo spinning orange?

Normally, we should customarily see a spinning orange light when you’re initial environment adult your Echo device. It indicates a Echo has not nonetheless connected to a Wi-Fi network, and is watchful for tie instructions from your smartphone around a Alexa app, or is perplexing to bond to your Wi-Fi network.

Pressing and holding a movement symbol for around 6 seconds, incidentally or otherwise, can force your device to re-enter setup mode. You’ll need to use a Alexa app to finish setup again to lapse to normal operation.

Why is my Echo spinning purple?

A spinning purple light should customarily ever start during setup mode, and afterwards customarily if there was an emanate joining to your Wi-Fi network. You might have wrongly typed your network cue wrong, or your router might not be scrupulously connected to a internet. Make certain your router is operative correctly, that we have a right password, and that a vigilance is clever adequate to strech your Echo device, and afterwards try a setup routine again.

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Why is my Echo spinning white?

Currently customarily accessible to Echo owners in a US, Alexa Guard is a confidence underline that listens out for violation potion or fume alarms while you’re out of a house. If it recognises possibly noise, an warning is sent to your smartphone.

Normally this underline needs to be manually activated by a Alexa app: open a menu in a tip left dilemma and daub Settings, afterwards corkscrew down and daub Guard. You’ll need to enter a current zip formula to use a Away Lighting feature, that automatically turns any intelligent lights on during night while you’re divided from home. Now saying, “Alexa, I’m leaving,” will spin on Guard mode, and a light ring will spin white. Saying, “Alexa, I’m home,” will invalidate Guard mode and switch off a light.

Why is my Echo blinking white?

Only owners of a Echo Look camera should ever see a blinking white light. It indicates a camera is active, that is customarily when we activate it with Alexa, or use a Echo Look app to take a print or video. Pressing a tongue-tied symbol on a side of a Look will spin off a camera.

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