Which ‘Gossip Girl’ Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


With a Gossip Girl reboot in a works, and a pestilence reason to lay during home examination 6 seasons of television, there’s no improved time to get reacquainted with a characters of a strange show. A infirm and authorized calm for New Yorkers who were teenagers in a aughts, a uncover stays a time plug of conform and diligent ideas about consent. Taken with a pellet of salt, strange Gossip Girl is a teen soap uncover sensuous with engineer labels. Woefully bereft of non-white and non-straight characters, Gossip Girl begs to be updated and overhauled.

Good thing afterwards that a reboot promises to be some-more diverse. In further to featuring a expel done adult of Black and Latina actors, as good as plainly odd actors, a remake’s and strange show’s author and executive author Joshua Safran pronounced this of a stirring series: “There was not a lot of illustration a initial time around on a show. we was a customarily happy writer, we think, a whole time we was there. Even when we went to private propagandize in New York in a ’90s, a propagandize didn’t indispensably simulate what was on Gossip Girl. So, this time around a leads are nonwhite. There’s a lot of odd calm on this show. It is unequivocally many traffic with a approach a universe looks now, where resources and payoff come from, and how we hoop that.”

While we wait for that change to come (the show, that will atmosphere on a stirring streaming use HBO Max, has no recover date yet), we competence as good assume on a calm that we’ve got! Ahead, a strange Gossip Girl characters by what we suppose are their zodiac signs.

Blair | Libra

Blair’s birthday is one of a few birthdays we see distinguished on a show, that lasts 6 seasons. It customarily takes place in a early fall, usually after propagandize begins, and involves a ball. Of all a tumble signs Blair can be, Libra feels a many healthy and in line with her priorities. Blair is a unqualified Libra in many ways. She is an connoisseur and an intellectual. She values ideas, luxury, and amicable networking. Marriage and partnership are constituent tools of Blair’s story.

She is never unequivocally Blair, alone. She is always Blair in attribute to Serena, Chuck, Dan, a prince, and Chuck again. Blair, like many Libras, has a tough time not carrying fill-in lovers lined adult and keeps exes closer than family. Unlike Scorpio, who binds grudges and lies in wait, or Sagittarius who forgives and forgets, Libra Blair prefers to mete out payback sincerely and squarely. You mistreat her, she hurts we socially (blackballing, ostracizing), and afterwards she’s over it and prepared for her subsequent celebration that you’re acquire to attend.

Serena | Leo

Honestly, no one creates improved frenemies than a Leo and a Libra, that is one of many reasons that Serena is positively a Leo to Blair’s Libra. Serena is, in fact, a show’s golden child. Her disorderly particular mane, her easy explain to attention, her giveaway charisma. Serena doesn’t have to work for attention; in fact, she spends many of Gossip Girl‘s 6 seasons pouting about her enterprise to be left alone. Well, pouting about it until she’s faced with a miss of adulation, and then… watch out. Serena needs her ex Dan pining over her, and she needs her cousin Lola to WANT to be an “It girl” though not so many that she eclipses Serena. When pushed, Serena is prepared to make anyone contemptible they ever stepped into her light. Serena, like many Leos, frequency apologizes though mostly forgives in sell for a small sweetness. She has a vast ego though an even bigger heart.

Nate | Sagittarius

Nate’s birthday, that we do see on a show, is in early winter, and it’s many expected that Nate is a Sagittarius. There’s something pony-like about Nate, something quick and constantly moving. He’s charming, like many glow signs are, though he doesn’t take adult space and he’s not meddlesome in assertive tactics. Nate, like all Sagittarians, reveres truth. But, since he can’t assistance it, he mostly dates women who are unequivocally flattering liars. So, he’s constantly using divided from relations that haven’t warranted his trust or commitment. While everybody else on a uncover can’t assistance though go behind to aged lovers, Nate grows adult to pierce on. He admires people who work tough to spin who they are, like Lola and like Raina Thorpe, and he finds a approach to bond with all of them notwithstanding being from “different worlds.” Nate, best crony aside, is substantially GG‘s best-behaved masculine character.

Chuck | Virgo

Chuck is substantially a many formidable chairman to watch on Gossip Girl, generally if you’re an adult spectator with a good clarity of what rapacious function looks like. Chuck, as a teenager, is a deeply bleeding impression who spends his time exerting his pain and fury onto women around him. But, Chuck commits himself to growth, to therapy, to a dog, and to Blair. He wants to grow, and he doesn’t flower in solitude. When he has a charge in a world, when he is in use to his desired ones, he thrives. For this reason, and for his friendship to color-coordinated bowties and handkerchiefs, Chuck is a Gossip Girl Virgo. we know we wish him to be a Capricorn, and maybe he has a Cap Venus, though he’s overtly not sedulous adequate to be a Cap Sun, and he doesn’t know how to concentration on his goals. Mutable, Chuck relies some-more on interpersonal venerate than what he accomplishes. He is impossibly keen and has detailed courtesy to detail. True Virgo qualities.

Dan | Taurus

Although this uncover is called Gossip Girl, it could usually as simply be called Lonely Boy. Dan takes adult a lot of space on GG, as both a member and an observer. The undoubted Holden Caulfield of a bunch, Dan spends his giveaway time job everybody else phonies and afterwards feeling left out. He is, by his possess estimation, title integrity, and it is his unequivocally faith in his dignified high belligerent that helps him slip-slide into damaging lush behavior. Like, essay badly about his dopey father in published work, for instance (a Cancer male who will substantially never truly pardon him). Dan is Blair’s Venusian companion. As a Taurus and Libra of GG, they share a adore of excellent art, authorized and polished literature, salons that bar their reduction egghead friends. As a Taurus and Libra of GG, they are also a transparent instance of a integrate where one (the Taurus) justly refuses to let go, and a other (Libra) strings them along passively since they’re bored.

Vanessa | Aquarius

Vanessa, Dan’s best crony from childhood, is an early Gossip Girl staple. She materializes out of a air, refusing to offer adult any behind story (where is her family? Why does she never return?), and offers a careless organisation a summary from on-high. Vanessa doesn’t fit in and doesn’t wish to. She’s, like, different, and she customarily likes people who are opposite too. That’s since Vanessa is an Aquarius, and since she and Dan get along so well. Until he starts removing sucked into a Upper East Side world, that is, and afterwards Vanessa is happy to give him copiousness of existence checks. Vanessa has vast feelings, for Dan and his family, for her essay and Dan’s too, though she is frequency seen indeed feeling them. Instead, she weaves in and out of vast multitude gatherings, assessing a conditions and confirming for herself what she already knows — she doesn’t wish to belong, and she doesn’t wish anyone she respects to go there either.

Jenny | Aries

Jenny has an early open birthday on Gossip Girl and is many expected a Aries. There’s something perpetually immature about Jenny, even when she grows up. It creates her assertive passionate overtures (her office of Nate, for example) that many some-more nervous and a passionate mistreat she endures from Chuck, that many some-more formidable to watch. Jenny hates bounds she hasn’t done for herself, and she certain as ruin isn’t gonna take your recommendation on how to make them. She thinks on her feet and frequency thinks twice. Despite her less-affluent position, Jenny is a striver, and when she sees what she wants, she goes after it. Even if it means hidden a one-of-a-kind engineer dress from a friend’s mother’s closet so she can refashion it to fit her. Jenny, like many Aries, is not expected to apologize with any conviction, though she is expected to bake down her all amicable bridges and make a whole new life from scratch.

Eric | Pisces

Excuse me, though we have this speculation that many Pisces boys have a ability to be happy though customarily some succeed. Eric, Serena’s hermit and a Pisces, is a romantic matrix for many of Gossip Girl‘s early seasons. It is Eric who Serena earnings for, Eric who reunites Blair and Serena, and Eric who is a customarily chairman Jenny trusts. Eric feels everything, too deeply it seems, and is disposed to self-harm. He knows what lies in everyone’s hearts since he is observant, compassionate, and likes to stir adult play though ever being viewed as a partial of it. And, like many Pisces, Eric is simply manipulated by group who don’t know what they wish and ones who sell drugs.

Ivy | Scorpio

Ivy, a impression that proves executive to Gossip Girl in a after seasons, is a tough one to pin down. She’s a con-artist, sure, though she’s also deeply emotionally astute. Authentic even when behaving a part, she can’t distortion unless she believes it. She, some-more than all other Gossip Girl characters, sets adult a dominoes and plays a prolonged game. This, some-more than anything else, creates her a Scorpio. Like any Scorpio that’s been hurt, there’s something unhinged about Ivy, something innate of a past noted by abandonment and scarcity, that moves her to manipulate others as a form of not customarily self-protection though self-righteousness. Still, she can’t assistance though offer all adult to a people she cons — descending for a outpost der Woodsens, Dan, and his father in turn. Love and profanation live inside Ivy as one impulse.

Georgina | Gemini

Georgina is a disharmony demon of Gossip Girl, and Geminis everywhere have warranted a right to collect their disharmony demons when and where they arise. It’s not that one HAS to be a Gemini to be a disharmony demon, it’s usually that one is some-more expected to be good during it. And, Georgina is good during it. Not since she’s process like Chuck or harsh like Blair, or since she’s a master pimp like Ivy. Georgina is good during creation difficulty since she’s not invested in a outcomes of her schemes. Armed with a information she’s collected by intercepted communiques, furious hunches, and prepared guesses, Georgina is a Mercury-ruled powerhouse, and it’s no warn that Gossip Girl enlists her to keep adult a site while she’s on hiatus. Eventually, even using GG’s site proves fatiguing and tedious for Georgina, who prefers face-to-face dispute that requires during slightest one dress change. Among a kingship of a Upper East Side, she’s usually a girl, and girls usually wish to have fun.

Lily | Cancer

Lily outpost der Woodsen is a customarily primogenitor I’m selecting to assistance paint one of 12 signs since she’s flattering many a customarily primogenitor whose life and life choices are as thespian as a girl on a show. Lily is a good instance of Cancer mom who substantially has her Sun in a 12th residence or occulted by Pluto. Like many Cancer women, she has lived many opposite lives before she staid into being a abounding mother of an artsy dude, including though not singular to being a stone rope groupie and a mistress of a cruel billionaire. Lily cares about everyone, even Chuck, though not some-more than she cares about safeguarding what she deems hers. Lily never forgets a slight or a betrayal, not from Georgina, not from Ivy, not from Rufus, and not from her possess sister. But, distinct a Scorpio, Cancerian Lily isn’t meddlesome in payback. When we mistreat her, we don’t exist to her. And if we need her help, afterwards you’re shit out of luck.

Diane | Capricorn

Diane is a customarily lady on a uncover who has an event with a younger man. Diane is not a primogenitor on a show, though she pretends to be, that is adequate to make her a Capricorn. More so, when she’s not putting on an act as Chuck’s long-lost mom, she’s personification a unequivocally plausible purpose of Nate’s daddy. In genuine life, Elizabeth Hurley’s bio touts her as an English businesswoman, and this aspect of a singer shines by when she plays a partial of Diane. There’s usually something about those business infrequent dresses and unwashed business high heels, about a approach she winks during Nate like he’s a good child who she is happy to prerogative after — when he finishes his assignments for a day.

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