When did we join Facebook? Here’s how to find out how aged your comment is


It used to be unequivocally easy to find out accurately when we assimilated Facebook. All we had to do was revisit your form page and click a scold partial of a Timeline striking on a right-hand side of a page.

However, that underline got ditched a small while back.

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You can still get a decent thought of when we assimilated Facebook by opening a ‘Recent’ dropdown menu that pops adult during a tip of your form when we start scrolling down a page, and attack a beginning add-on (that isn’t your birth year). But it’s a bit of a faff, and usually shows we a initial posts on your Timeline.

When did we join Facebook?

For a most some-more accurate thought of when we assimilated Facebook, open a Settings menu, name Your Facebook Information, and dive into a Activity Log.

From here, click a beginning date on a timeline that appears on a right-hand side, afterwards corkscrew right down to a bottom of a page.

It will uncover we everything − yes, positively everything − you’ve ever finished on Facebook, in sequential order. Your initial friend, your initial status, your initial Like, your initial comment, a initial post on your wall… yes, there’s a clever possibility that a lot of what we find here will be really annoying indeed.

In my case, we edited my form for a initial time on Nov 5 2007, done my initial dual Facebook friends on a same day (and yes, we still have them), and posted my initial standing refurbish on Nov 6. I’d rather not exhibit what it was.

However, if that’s still not accurate adequate for you, and we wish to know a accurate time your Facebook comment was created, you’re going to have to go down a opposite route.

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In Settings, click a Your Facebook Information add-on and name Download Your Information. From here, name a information we wish and name Create File. The record that starts downloading will enclose your Facebook form information, so be really clever about where we keep it.

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