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WhatsApp will now let we undo messages an hour after we send them

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WhatsApp has stretched a volume of time it gives we to undo a summary after incorrectly promulgation it. Originally launched as a underline that gave we 7 mins to redress your mistake, a messaging association has now stretched a underline to concede we to undo messages adult to an hour later.

What’s a misfortune summary you’ve ever sent by mistake? Maybe it’s a time we bitched about a crony though realising they were a partial of a WhatsApp organisation we sent a summary to. Or what about when we were carrying a bad day and sent a pacifist assertive summary to your flatmates about some soaking adult that we literally combined yourself.

Whatever a reason, WhatsApp has your back. Twitter user WABetaInfo has beheld that a latest chronicle of a app allows we to undo messages adult to 1 hour, 8 minutes, and 16 seconds after it was creatively sent.

No, we’ve got no thought because it’s such a specific series either.

The underline was initial beheld on chronicle 2.18.31 of a iOS app, though presumably will be rolling out to Android in a entrance days.

From 7 mins to an hour

For those unknown with a functionality, deletion your messages works for both particular and organisation chats. Unfortunately it won’t undo any snippet of your message; instead it will reinstate it with a notice observant that a summary is no longer there.

So while you’re means to undo that inebriated diatribe to your ex, you’ll never be means to mislay their believe that we sent something at 1am on a Saturday morning.

You have been warned.

What’s a misfortune summary you’ve ever incidentally sent that we wish we could have deleted? Let us know @TrustedReviews.