What You Need To Know Before Choosing An Antique Diamond


There are mixed ways to make, during a really least, a curtsy to sustainability in a choice of rendezvous ring, and it’s a preference some-more and some-more couples are making. From combined to sustainably mined diamonds – a latter selected by Princess Beatrice’s fiancé in her Shaun Leane rendezvous ring – to Fairtrade and recycled gold, a choices are strenuous and a messages opposite a attention can be confusing. Often selling claims finish adult being a smokescreen to some-more difficult issues of traceability and shortcoming in a formidable industry.

Guy Burton, Director during Hancock’s London, believes he has a tolerable solution. Just as Zoe Kravitz demonstrated with her antique rendezvous ring progressing this year, Burton embraces a singular intrigue and ideally unlawful beauty of old-cut diamonds, that have a advantage of creation your ring distinct anyone else’s.

A Diamond member of a Gemmological Association of Great Britain (DGA), a play combs a universe for a glorious antique stones and shares with Vogue his tips for shopping one.

© Courtesy of Hancock’s London

What is an antique solid and what creates them unique?

Antique and selected gems were physically cut and discriminating by palm and eye in a epoch before computers and lasers. The really best cutters were conspicuous craftsmen who accepted a element and could remove a limit volume of life and beauty from a solid severe regulating overwhelming cuts that were not limited by today’s blurb parameters of customary size, cut and need to maximize carat weight. A smashing by-product of regulating these special stones is a fact that they are recycled and a many environmentally obliged source of diamonds.

Why do we work with them?

I specialise in these old-cut diamonds and adore going turn a universe anticipating a best of them since any one is totally unique, and a play of light and glow is unparalleled. You see some-more surprising and singular cuts that would not make financial clarity to cut from a severe today.

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Why not usually buy an antique ring?

When we buy a selected or antique ring that is in glorious condition afterwards we sell it as it is; practically though, this frequency happens. Rings, out of all equipment of jewellery, get some-more knocks and wear than anything else and one lifetime of adore is mostly enough. we like to make new singular pieces regulating a diamonds that respectfully curtsy to a epoch when a solid was cut yet have a some-more contemporary touch. Having all a rings during Hancocks London totally handmade by a glorious British craftsmen is essential and a usually approach to showcase these special stones. All of them are done this approach no matter how large or small.

© Courtesy of Hancock’s London

Why is acceptance important?

All diamonds weighing over maybe 0.75 carats, aged or modern, should have a laboratory grading certificate, saying a carat weight, colour and clarity among other things. In my opinion there is usually one laboratory in a universe that can be taken severely and that is a GIA (Gemmological Institute of America). we mostly see people with diamonds who get ‘certificates’ from jewellers usually to find a colour and clarity they have settled on their possess certificate to be dual grades down and this drastically impacts on a value. We never sell any solid but a GIA certificate as we wish to safeguard a business feel totally sensitive about a solid they are buying.

Saying all that, it is also critical to remember that we are shopping a solid and not a square of paper though, a certificate should usually act as assent of mind. This is mostly forgotten.

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