What to do about nails, brows and hair dismissal while you’re self‑isolating


Since siege began 3 weeks ago, I’ve celebrated dual conflicting teams: Team Blowout and Team Growout. Team Blowout are on it with a self-care. They are multitasking and multimasking. While a hair facade cooks, a cuticles are being malleable and they’re promulgation “self-care is my day job” memes during midday on a Monday from their frothy lavender burble baths. Team Growout, however, are embracing their roots, shrugging off a chipped shellac, pardon their fuzzy brows, bikini line and upper-lip whiskers. “Who cares!” they retort, when we suggest a good span of tweezers on Instagram. “It’s not like we’re going anywhere.”

Look, there’s no wrong or right. You might be on to something if you’re assured adequate to stop putting feverishness on your hair and embrace

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