What Is a Chunky Dunky, and Why Is It $1,600?


So, another theory: a Chunky Dunky’s success is due reduction to a specific pattern or apportion than a lineage. Nike’s last eye-poppingly renouned recover was a Travis Scott Dunk that appearance during $1,522 on StockX. Scott’s shoe was also an SB Dunk designed but restraint—the shoe brazenly churned plaid and bandana prints. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it shot to a tip of each sneakerhead’s wishlist. Forget a design, though—what competence matter many is a nomination as a Dunk. Because so far, 2020 has been a year of a Dunk: over Scott’s and Ben Jerry’s, to name usually a few, Nike’s expelled a green-and-yellow “Brazils,” a partnership with Comme des Garçons, and a span of collegiate editions that steal colors from Syracuse and Kentucky. “There’s been this large reemergence around a SB Dunk and quite a SB Dunk Lows, and apparently Travis was a large partial of that,” says Luber. “If it had been reversed, if [the Chunky Dunky] came out before [Scott’s] Dunk, afterwards this one substantially wouldn’t be as big.” In other words: a Dunk is being neat for success, and a Chunky Dunky is a latest and biggest customer of that process.

And a Dunk’s arise is connected to a broader change in a kinds of sneakers we love. “The reason because a Dunk has always been this board for good designs, and is such an iconic shoe, is a same reason a Jordan 1 is: it’s usually very, really wearable,” says Luber. He points out that after Jordan models, and even a Kobes that are really renouned among pro basketball players today, demeanour like jaunty shoes—and basketball boots now contain reduction than 4% of jaunty shoe sales, compared to 13% in 2014, according to NPD data. Dunks, on a other hand, have concept appeal—and their approval in a early aughts creates them developed for a comeback. “Nike is aristocrat during picking winners by offered a story, bringing behind a shoe like a Dunk from a graveyard, and catering to a consumer who buys boots formed on cocktail enlightenment contra contestant recognition,” explains successful sneaker reseller Corgishoe.

Nikes SB Dunk Low X Ben  Jerrys Chunky Dunky
Nike’s SB Dunk Low X Ben Jerry’s: Chunky DunkyCourtesy of Nike

I’m peaceful to acknowledge that a shoe’s success might be a poser usually to me, a aged masculine screaming during Ben Jerry’s halcyon blue skies. All those kooky colors, Corgishoe says, are delicately calibrated to work together: “Strictly in terms of design,” Corgishoe says, a shoe is “executed impossibly well.” (Still, he notes: “As an adult masculine of a certain age,” he adds, “I would never cruise wearing them.”) Luber is a fan, too. In today’s swarming amicable media-driven sneaker era, no shoe travels as distant as an now tangible one.

But maybe a interest of a Chunky Dunky is even simpler. I’ve battered a crate or dual of Phish Food in my day—so we theory we should know that, when it comes Ben Jerry’s, glut to a indicate of hedonism is kind of a whole point.

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