What we Read in September: Ask Again, Yes Review


Ask Again Yes Book Review

It’s been a unequivocally good month for reading, and somehow managed to finish 8 books. The standouts from Sep were A Little Life and Ask Again, Yes (this month’s Coco’s Tea Party Book Club pick).

I’ve reviewed all below, and to flog off a monthly summation we wanted to share my favourite quote from Laura Emma, that was a warn find in my internal library. This is what Laura’s individualist mom Bibs says about marriage, and it done me giggle out loud:

“It doesn’t matter who we marry, one day you’ll be sitting opposite a list from him, thinking, Anything would be improved than this.”


Whisper Network Mating in Captivity

Whisper Network by Chandler Baker

Over a weekend we started reading Whisper Network, that was one of a new Reese Witherspoon Book Club picks. we still have a few chapters left to go, though will have finished it by this evening.

The novel is set in a Dallas law firm, where 4 women learn their trainer is about to turn a company’s subsequent CEO. There have prolonged been rumours about Ames Garrett’s diagnosis of women, though a whispers turn some-more obligatory as he’s due to be promoted.

I’ve really enjoyed Chandler Baker’s essay – some passages in this book literally gave me chills, they were that good! But a tangible gait of a story has felt surprisingly slow. That said, it’s been an beguiling read, and we consider fans of Big Little Lies will unequivocally like it. Fingers crossed it has a punchy ending!

3 stars (at 85% of a approach through)

Mating in Captivity: How to keep enterprise and passion alive in long-term relationships by Esther Perel

You competence be wondering given we motionless to review Mating in Captivity, given I’m soooo distant from being in a long-term attribute (I’m not even dating during a moment). But we adore books about psychology and relationships, and always suffer listening to Esther Perel pronounce on podcasts. So, we figured, given not give it a go?

Mating in Captivity explores how a need for both cognisance and enterprise can mostly emanate dispute in long-term, regretful relationships. “Ironically, what creates for good cognisance does not always make for good sex,” Esther Perel writes. And within these pages she explores how it is probable to find a change between a two. It’s a fascinating read, and shouldn’t only be indifferent for those in couples.

3 stars

Ask Again Yes Laura and Emma

Laura Emma by Kate Greathead

I incidentally stumbled on Laura Emma when we was acid for another book in my internal library’s catalogue. And it immediately held my attention. Set in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, a novel tells a story of a singular mom (Laura) lifting her spunky, melodramatic daughter (Emma), resting relocating around a ’80s and ’90s.

Laura Emma has a warm, cosy, Nora Ephron-y vibe, and we feel like this was a ideal time of year to learn it. It was a genuine honeyed and startling find!

3.5 stars

Ask Again, Yes by Mary Beth Keane

Kate and Peter are innate a few months apart, and grow adult vital subsequent doorway to one another. As they strech their early-teens, their tighten loyalty blossoms into something more. But, on a night they finally kiss, a comfortless eventuality tears detached both of their families.

Years later, as immature adults, it’s adult to Kate and Peter to make clarity of a repairs caused on that dire night, and reanimate a error lines between their families.

This was a Sep #CocosTeaPartyBookClub selection, and we unequivocally enjoyed it! If you’re a fan of Celeste Ng and Anne Tyler we think you’ll unequivocally suffer this novel.

4 stars

American Royals Talking as Fast as we Can

Talking as Fast as we Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls by Lauren Graham

Lauren Graham’s discourse had been on my “want to read” list for a long, long time. And we finally got around to it this month. It was a fun, easy read. Definitely not my favourite luminary memoir, though there were some good passages about a onslaught to accept life relocating on a possess (sometimes slow) timeline, and a impatience and fear that comes with that. There were also some cute, behind-the-scenes stories from Gilmore Girls.

2.5 stars

American Royals by Katherine McGee

American Royals is removing a lot of hum online, during a moment. we review it while we was on holiday in Menorca, and overtly that was a ideal environment for it. It’s a feathery read, following a adore lives of The Washingtons (America’s illusory Royal Family). The novel is predictable, laced with cliches, and zero most happens in it (I didn’t realize it was a initial complement of a trilogy until we got to a final territory and nothing of a tract lines had been resolved).

It’s not a arrange of book I’d customarily collect up, though it was an beguiling holiday read. Save it for when we wish something super-light and frivolous!

2.5 stars

A Little Life

A Litte Life by Hanya Yanagihara

What can we contend about A Little Life that hasn’t been pronounced already? I’d been putting off reading it for a array of years; partly given we was intimidated by a size, though also given a dear novel always comes with a warning “you’re going to need tissues”.

However, we was dynamic to finish A Little Life this year, and we finally pacifist into it during a start of September. we review it in a space of a week, and it was a dire knowledge (seriously, this story is complicated and so dark), though I’m blissful we done time for it. The characters have unequivocally stranded with me, and it truly is a work of art! I’ve given been listening to tons of podcast interviews with Hanya Yanagihara, that has only done me conclude a novel even more.

5 stars

When You Read This by Mary Adkins

I don’t customarily like it when stories are told around a array of letters and emails. So when we started When You Read This and detected that was a format of a novel, we was a small demure to continue. But we stranded with it, and indeed suspicion it was a honeyed and touching story.

The story starts after a remarkable genocide of Simon’s co-worker and tighten friend, Iris. Whilst cleaning out her table in a office, a publishing for a book is discovered, along with a note that she wants Simon to find a publisher for her work. This leads him to bond with Iris’ sister, and a dual strike adult a loyalty over email as a suffer together.

2.5 stars

What have we review this month? Share your suggestions in a comments territory below. And don’t forget we can allow to a #CocosTeaPartyBookClub monthly newsletter here…

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