What does Apple wish from a VR events company?


Since 2009 a startup called NextVR has been building exclusive cameras and distinguished deals to move live events — consider sporting events, wrestling matches and concerts — true to a VR headset of your choice. It sounds like a manly heal for FOMO, and maybe it was for some people. The problem is, since of comparatively delayed VR adoption and a default of viable income streams, NextVR never saw a kind of “hockey stick” expansion a backers had hoped for. Those obstacles eventually loomed so vast that a association unsuccessful to lift a third vital appropriation round, forcing it to layoff scarcely 40 percent of a workforce during a Newport Beach headquarters. The essay was on a practical wall — until Apple swooped in with a check. 

9to5Mac reported final month that Apple had acquired a association in a understanding valued during around $100 million, and Apple latest reliable a merger — yet not a cost — to Bloomberg only recently. To symbol a occasion, NextVR shuttered a website not too prolonged ago. Now, it only interjection people for fasten them for a float and mentions that NextVR is “headed in a new direction.” Presumably, that “direction” is adult Interstate 5 to Cupertino. Of course, this all leads us to a large question: What’s Apple going to do with a VR company? The short, apparent answer is no one knows for sure, though with all this news still manifest in a rearview mirror, this seems like a good time to take batch of Apple’s seductiveness in practical existence and see what that tells us. 

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