What Do Those Spotify ‘Top Fans’ Messages Mean?


In some ways, what Spotify is doing is familiar, as anonymized information becomes a pivotal member of how marketers interest to customers. Jeff Chester, a conduct of a nonprofit Center for Digital Democracy, pronounced that such practices had spin commonplace.

“Just consider about going into a supermarket and removing mobile coupons,” he said. “All of that is tied together as partial of a profiling routine of we and we have no thought how it’s collected or what it means.”

But these latest Spotify messages are opposite in dual pivotal ways. The initial is that they effect to share a service’s information directly with users. And a second is that a information is centered on music, a quite personal and personality-revealing aspect of peoples’s lives. Matthew Perpetua, a longtime song blogger and a former executive of quizzes during BuzzFeed, pronounced that a approach that Spotify served adult information to users was suggestive of a celebrity quiz.

“In this case, a ask itself is only your rendezvous with Spotify,” he said. “In lieu of responding pointless questions that have been put before you, you’re only going about your life and listening to what we want. And they spin it into a ask or diversion where they’re like, ‘This is who we are.’”

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