WeWork’s tumble is so furious that it’s removing a second TV series, this one for Apple


    WeWork was 2019’s soap show of a company, and a story was so furious that it will be a concentration of a second TV series, Variety reports.

    The second array will be grown by Apple and a showrunner of Apple TV Plus array Little America, according to Variety. (Disclosure: Little America is blending from a array by Epic Magazine, that is owned by Vox Media, The Verge’s primogenitor company.) The array will be formed on David Brown’s WeCrashed podcast from a podcast network Wondery.

    Variety’s news doesn’t prove when a array competence be released. But if or when it does, WeWork’s story should make for good TV.

    Last summer, WeWork was gearing adult for large initial open offering. Shortly after a S-1 came out — which, among other things, suggested how CEO Adam Neumann was a risk cause to a association and how his mother or a family keeper would collect a new CEO if anything happened to him — a IPO fell apart.

    Then there was a form of Neumann that enclosed some eventually ban stories. One was about how Neumann once left a cereal box full of weed on a private jet. Another was about a time he gave tequila shots to employees shortly after banishment 7 percent of his staff. Neumann eventually quit and got a homogeneous of scarcely $1.7 billion exit package to let SoftBank take over a company.

    The initial TV array was announced in Dec and will star Nicholas Braun, improved famous as Cousin Greg on HBO’s Succession, as Neumann. (Disclosure: The Verge’s facilities editor, Kevin Nguyen, went to high propagandize with Braun.) A film about WeWork is in a works as well, Variety reported final year.

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