We’re in adore with this G-Wagen campervan conversion


Remember Lorinser – a German tuning association charity ex-military Puch G-Wagens for underneath £13k, and restomod versions for only over £42k? Well, a association has now motionless to branch out…

Check out a cinema above for a latest creation. Yep, it’s a G-Wagen campervan formed on a 1993 230 GE hardtop. Awesome, right?

Lorinser describes a reborn G as an speed RV with all-wheel drive, a locking behind diff and a 114bhp four-cylinder petrol engine.

After roughly 55,000 miles of troops service, this sold Puch G was totally refurbished underneath and given a uninformed lick of matte green-grey paint, as good as a map-wrap formed on a 17th century drawings of cartographer Petrus Bertius. Nice.

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Inside there’s refurbished seats adult front, while a behind now facilities a fold-out bed, auxiliary heating, 220V outlets, a microwave, a total kitchen and lavatory penetrate with H2O tank and a small fold-out table. Thanks to that high G-Wagen roof it’s some-more atmospheric than many London flats too. Plus, there’s even an outdoor shower.

This is a initial camper that Lorinser has completed, though if you’re as tempted as we are afterwards a coupon for €69,000 (£60,000) will convince them to build another privately for you. Might be time to start that GoFundMe page.

Picture this, Internet: lockdown is over, you’ve got a correct go-anywhere, off-road camper during your ordering and a week off work. Where in a good outdoor are you heading?

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