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Weinstein’s Lawyer Says Accusers Had ‘Choices’

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Harvey Weinstein’s lead counsel in his Manhattan rape and sexual-assault hearing pronounced in her shutting remarks Thursday that a prosecutors’ account that he preyed on women was “stripping adult women of common sense, liberty and responsibility.” At one point, profession Donna Rotunno invoked a golf fable to infer a point, saying, “Tiger Woods is a sex addict. You don’t see him in a assailant courtroom.”

“In their opening statement, Ms. [Meghan] Hast wove a sinister story of a male who searched out his victims by putting them by a array of tests,” Rotunno pronounced in her shutting statement. “The supervision has to wobble a story since but a story, they know — if we had to demeanour during a justification alone, from their viewpoint — they lose.”

Prosecutors, Rotunno said, “tried to pretence we into creation clarity of a non-sensible, try to explain a inexplicable.”

“The irony is that a ADAs [assistant district attorneys] in this box are a producers, and they are essay a book in this story,” Rotunno said. “They are formulating a star in that they’re stripping adult women of common sense, autonomy, and responsibility.

“In their universe, women are not obliged for a parties they attend, a group they coquette with, a choices they make to serve their careers, a hotel room invitations, and a craft tickets they accept.”

Later, she also slammed prosecutors’ preference to uncover jurors nude photos of Weinstein.

“In a choice star that a prosecutors have combined for you, Harvey Weinstein is a monster. He is unattractive. He’s overweight. They showed we exposed photographs of him,” she said. “Ask yourself, why? To do zero some-more than contrition him … no reason whatsoever for those photographs, not one. No emanate of identification.”

Weinstein “is not a monster” people have portrayed him as, she pronounced during one point.

Rotunno talked for about 5 hours, and Weinstein seemed some-more courteous than normal — a film writer seemed to tumble defunct during several points during a trial.

The 7 group and 5 women of a jury who are weighing Weinstein’s predestine were a brew of engaged- and exhausted-looking. Some scribbled attentively in notebooks. One womanlike juror nodded off.

Weinstein is charged with 5 depends involving dual women, former Project Runway prolongation partner Mimi Haleyi and onetime singer Jessica Mann. The depressed Pulp Fiction writer faces one count of assailant passionate act in a initial grade for Haleyi’s explain that he forced verbal sex on her in his Soho unit in 2006. He is charged with one count of rape in a initial degree, and one count of rape in a third degree, for Mann’s explain that he raped her during a Midtown East hotel in 2013.

He is also charged with dual depends of rapacious passionate assault; one count associated to Haleyi’s allegation, and a other associated to Mann’s accusation. Prosecutors used Annabella Sciorra’s testimony that Weinstein raped her around late 1993 to explain that he had a inclination toward passionate predation, and to accelerate these dual counts.

During a trial, 3 women testified about before bad acts allegedly committed by Weinstein. While Weinstein is not charged in New York with these purported crimes, jurors can cruise them in a context of vigilant and opportunity. Those women embody Dawn Dunning, Tarale Wulff, and Lauren Young.

Rotunno also told jurors that “you should never be bullied or pressured to change your decision” and to “stand your ground.”

“Historically, we are a final line of invulnerability in a nation from an overzealous media, from a overzealous prosecution,” she said. “You don’t have to like Mr. Weinstein. This is not a recognition contest.”

“But we have to remember, we are not here to criminalize morality,” Rotunno continued.

Just before a four-hour symbol in her argument, Rotunno also addressed longtime Weinstein crony Paul Feldsher’s testimony that a depressed film noble “had a sex addiction.”

“Tiger Woods is a sex addict. You don’t see him in a assailant courtroom,” Rotunno said. “Being a sex addict and being a assailant are dual opposite things.”

Meanwhile, Rotunno’s shutting remarks were attended by Tina Glandian, a luminary counsel whose high-profile clients embody Jussie Smollett and Chris Brown. Glandian sat in one of a dual rows indifferent for Weinstein’s camp. According to a New York Post, Glandian attended Weinstein’s Super Bowl party. The journal reported that Weinstein attorneys Arthur Aidala and Damon Cheronis were also benefaction during a football fête.

As Rotunno’s shutting wound down, she said, “This is not a game.”

“This is not a rubber-stamp media chronicle of events, or a obeisance to a probity of open opinion,” she said. “This is a assailant hearing where explanation matters, justification matters — a assailant hearing where we dont decider on magnetism or emotion.”

“This list wants to win so bad,” she pronounced of prosecutors. “The vigour to win this box in this climate, in this city …” she continued, before being interrupted by an objection.

“When this box is over, we know that you’ll do a right thing since probity final it, and we will find Mr. Weinstein not guilty,” she concluded.

Reporters outward a courtroom asked Weinstein for his greeting after a probity shelved for a day. “I desired it. The queen’s speech, that’s what it was,” an upbeat Weinstein said, clearly alluding to The King’s Speech, that was constructed by his former film company.

Weinstein offering a treacherous answer when Vulture asked about Rotunno’s Tiger Woods comparison, saying, “I like Donna’s rocks better.”