Watch FaZe Clan’s Cizzorz and Pokimane play ‘Fortnite’ in Verizon’s weekly array ‘Pay It Forward Live’

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Pokimane and Cizzorz of FaZe Clan group adult to play Fortnite Tuesday, Apr 7 for a latest installment of Verizon’s twice-weekly Pay It Forward Live streaming array to support tiny businesses influenced by COVID-19.

The streamers have particularly crossed paths before, when Cizzorz challenged Poki to finish his now barbarous escape-room-like Fortnite barrier course, ensuing in an interesting fury quit — though tonight a dual high-level players will be teaming adult to follow Victory Royales together in support of a good cause.

The dual luminary streamers will not usually be gaming live, though they will also rivet with viewers, enlivening fans to support businesses in their possess communities by doing what they can to support them — emporium online, make a squeeze in allege for when a predicament is over and a businesses reopen, or sequence a meal. Verizon will also present $10 to support tiny businesses, adult to $2.5 million, when a hashtag #PayItForwardLive is used on Twitter.

“I am respected to be enclosed in a second #PayItForwardLIVE gaming eventuality with Verizon,” pronounced Cizzorz. “Small businesses are such an critical partial of my life and they are struggling right now due to a COVID crisis. we wish to move a FaZe Clan village and my voice to support this critical initiative.” Last week’s initial Pay It Forward diversion streaming eventuality featured Cizzorz’s FaZe Clan co-worker Nate Hill and Marshmello.

“I am unapproachable to be a partial of #PayItForwardLIVE with Verizon in support of their critical beginning to assistance tiny businesses,” pronounced Pokimane. “I’m so advantageous to still be means to do my pursuit though others aren’t as propitious and we wish that a efforts can assistance some of those in need by this crisis.”

Cizzorz has been on a stage given 2011, starting his career by releasing Call of Duty: Black Ops videos on YouTube. Over a years he’s set several tip 50 annals in several Call of Duty installments though some-more recently has been focused on Fortnite. Cizzorz has some-more than 4 million YouTube subscribers and in further to his stellar gameplay, is famous for formulating uber-tough Fortnite barrier courses, good famous to be scarcely unfit to finish even for pro-level players. 

Pokimane has been live streaming on Twitch given 2013 and has grown to be one of a many renouned streamers on a platform, aggregation some-more than 100 million views there. Initially starting out by personification and commentating a super renouned MOBA (multiplayer online conflict areana) game League of Legends, Poki hopped on a Fortnite train in 2018. In further to being one of a many renouned streamers on Twitch, she also runs dual intensely successful YouTube channels with a total subscriber count commanding 5 million.

To find out some-more about what Verizon is doing to assistance business and tiny businesses, visit

Verizon is a primogenitor association of Yahoo.

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