Watch Courtney Love reject homophobia while collecting a conform award


Not usually has Courtney Love prolonged been regarded as a character icon, though she’s also famous for creation her opinion on a far-reaching operation of subjects known. It creates sum sense, then, that a mythological Hole frontwoman used a win during a VH1 Fashion Awards to malign homophobia. 

Presented with a endowment for 1997’s best personal character by nothing other than Bono (still triggered by that time he uploaded his manuscript to a phones sans agree tbh), Love took to a theatre in a pinkish ruched Versace dress, where she interjection her ‘fairy godmother’ Donatella and worshiped make-up artist Kevyn Aucoin for her drag. 

Going from grunge idol to aged propagandize Hollywood-inspired starlet during some indicate in a mid-90s, Love kick a likes of Kate Moss, Cameron Diaz, and black of all-American normcore character Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, who were also in a running, to take home a prize. 

After also giving then-baby Frances Bean Cobain a shout-out, Love jokes that she was going to speak about opting for hemp over fur, though instead uses her impulse on-stage to call out a hardship happy people around a universe are faced with. 

“I feel like gripping happy people in a closet with a attitudes and a actions is vicious and it’s run-down and many of all it’s boring. we consider we unequivocally need to honour any other and ourselves and honour who we are and what were are and not be fearful to be who we are either we’re happy or true or… insane,” she deadpans. “It’s 1997 and respecting any other’s sexuality is a coolest thing we can consider of, detached from wearing hemp and not wearing fur.” We couldn’t have put it improved ourselves – in 2020, a summary still stands.

Watch a full video above and revisit a 2011 Courtney Love fire below.

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