Warning: Apple Is No Longer Returning Apple Watch Bands and Accessories


Apple recently updated a patron support webpage with new instructions for people promulgation in their Apple Watch for repair. Apple is now warning people to mislay their watch bands before promulgation a section in for repair. If we forget, a watch bands will not be returned to you.

Apple formerly suggested people that they did not need to embody a band, though was stretchable with this policy. When a section would arrive with other equipment like a band, case, or a charger, Apple would send these accessories behind with a remade watch when possible. The bands would not be attached, though they would be in a same package as a Apple Watch.

Apple’s new superintendence on a “Get Your Apple Watch Ready for Service” page categorically tells people to mislay a rope and not embody any other accessories when they send in their section for repair.

Your Apple Watch rope and any other accessories that we send won’t be returned, so greatfully mislay them before promulgation your Apple Watch in for service. Learn how to mislay your band. If we have a Link Bracelet band, remember to apart a links before we mislay a band.

Apple Support

These manners are generally critical now that sell stores and, consequently, Genius Bars are sealed since of a coronavirus pandemic. The customarily correct choice accessible to business is Apple’s mail-in service.

Apple expected is traffic with a poignant boost in a mail-in correct service, generally from people who customarily would go to a store.

Those who typically revisit a Genius Bar might not be accustomed to mailing in their device. They mostly send in all their accessories with a expectancy that they will get them back. This isn’t always possible, generally when correct centers are superfluous with inclination to fix.

It’s really easy for technicians to displace accessories or upset one person’s accessories with another’s. The best approach to equivocate this unfolding is to ask people to customarily send in a watch section and keep all a accessories safely during home.

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