Verizon Media to offer Apple News register for the local ads


Verizon Media this week announced that it has determined an disdainful charity of local programmatic promotion opportunities in Apple News and Stocks opposite iPhone, iPad and Mac in Australia, Canada and a U.K.

According to Verizon Media, local formats expostulate 11x a normal rendezvous of a normal ensign ad. Apple News register was until now a walled garden were usually Apple, and publishers could sell directly a ads.

When a ads were directly sole by publishers, they will keep 100 percent of a revenue. If a ads were sole by Apple, publishers will get 70% of a revenue. For a ads between a articles, on a channels, a rev share indication is 50% for a publishers that participate. Revenue is allocated by Apple formed on a proportional time spent by users with any channel’s articles.

Apple News and Stocks promotion height usually supports image-based third-party sense and click tracking (e.g. 1×1 tracking pixels). Other forms of tracking tags including JavaScript, iFrames, or cookie-based trackers are not supported.

Third-party detrimental tracking is not supported. Click re-directs from associate or mention links are permitted. The third-party ad tab vendors upheld are Bonsai, Celtra, Dianomi, Google Campaign Manager, Polar, and ResponsiveAds.

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