Varon is a Mexican valuables code blending singular stones and unconventional designs


Aaron Changpo, engineer of a Mexico City-based valuables code Varon, wasn’t accurately unfailing to follow in his Grandfather’s footsteps operative with changed metals. He initial complicated anatomical drawing, afterwards became a set designer, before perplexing his palm during a family business. “I was lazy, and we was like, ‘I’m going to blueprint my valuables line and my grandfather is going to do it for me,’” he laughs rather sheepishly, years later. Said sketches, however, incited out to be too costly to make, so complicated were Aaron’s designs. “My grandfather said, ‘Congratulations, these are crazy ideas, here are a contacts for dual friends of cave who we consider can assistance you.’’ And thus, Varon was innate 6 years ago. “I was like, ‘What a fuck!’”

Aaron’s mostly surreal designs mostly bleed a “What a fuck” response, as they’re distinct anything else in a ever some-more swarming valuables market. Rather than heavy, they’re strong in a unisex way, embedded with transparent cosmetic that in spin contains a changed stone. All his pieces are done by palm in Mexico City, by artisans he’s built a tighten operative attribute with. “They’ve also schooled by their grandfather or father,” he sighs when asked about a attribute he has with a people who make his work — increasingly, their children don’t wish to continue a craft. “It’s a era by era training experience, that is unequivocally beautiful. But during a same time, it’s unequivocally hard.” The acrylic pieces in sold are a failing art, creation it impossibly tough to find artisans who can emanate them. “Luckily, we have dual families that work with me on this,” Aaron says. “I’ve been operative for 6 years with one, and 7 a other. The excellent valuables process, and all a labor by hand, a dying. Carlos, one of a people we work with, wants his daughter to have a future, whatever it is, even nonetheless he earns a lot of money. It’s changing from era to generation,” he sighs. “I wish them to know it’s an amazing, fascinating art they practice. They are so special.”

Varon valuables

The aforementioned acrylic, in particular, is one of a designer’s obsessions, along with crystals, since of a approach light passes by it. “I’ve always had this thing with light, that is because I’m meddlesome in minerals, and how they simulate light, or how if we put a floating component in acrylic or resin, it only expands a pattern and seems to ring some-more with a eye,” he says. These retro nonetheless unconventional materials also lend themselves to a genderless inlet of a brand, something that’s super critical to a designer. “It wasn’t a thing, and now it’s being embraced. In Mexico, a regressive country, we unequivocally have to strike a pattern ideally so that a male will wish to wear it,” he explains. “Because lady have that thing of a ‘boyfriend shirt,’ though a male doesn’t mostly contend ‘Oh, these are my girlfriend’s pants.’ You have to be secure in your masculinity to contend that,” he laughs. “My jewelry, a thought was always that it could be embraced by any sex.”

Varon, then, is about both a ancient and new, mixing a low believe of valuables creation with innovative materials and a enterprise to make things in a genderless way. Having pronounced that, Aaron’s biggest source of impulse competence be some-more human — Mexico. “That’s how I’ve been flourishing myself by a years, interjection to that clarity of community. In Mexico, we unequivocally can find it. If we know how to pierce your cards and have a attraction to speak to people, we can get by to them and unequivocally emanate something.” He afterwards muses on a timeless, nonetheless timely inlet of jewelry. “Gold has been used in each multitude and each civilization on earth by a story of time.” He laughs, “there’s even a speculation that we humans were combined to source bullion for another visitor people.” If pronounced aliens were to land in a Varon HQ, that is in fact a designer’s apartment, no doubt they’d see a consanguine suggestion in his doubt designs.

Varon is now for sale during Opening Ceremony, The New Museum, Assembly, and H Lorenzo.


Photography Arthur Couvat
Styling Nayeli de Alba
Production Aaron Changpo
Models Jip, Merlin, Ferdi during Let It Go Management

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