Vanessa Bryant Receives Birthday Cake for Late Daughter Gianna from Kobe’s Former Lakers Teammate


Vanessa Bryant perceived a really courteous present in respect of her late daughter Gianna, who would have incited 14 on Friday.

In further to her possess reverence to her “sweet baby girl,” Vanessa common a print of a cake that Pau Gasol, her late father Kobe Bryant‘s former Los Angeles Lakers teammate, and his mother Catherine McDonnell sent in respect of Gianna’s birthday.

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“Happy birthday Gigi,” review a topper on a white and bullion cake, that was lonesome with multi-colored moth decorations as good as a ensign on a bottom with Gianna’s “Mambacita” nickname.

“Thank we @paugasol @catmcdonnel7,” Vanessa, 37, wrote alongside a photo.

Gigi Bryant's birthday

Gasol, who played on a Lakers from 2008 to 2014, and his mother also sent a special summary to a family, posting a print of a span clasping hands while wearing red bracelets to respect Gianna, was killed alongside her father in a Jan helicopter crash.

“Happy birthday Gigi!” he wrote alongside a image. “Missing we an additional lot today.”

Weeks earlier, a integrate also sent Vanessa a fragrance of red roses to commemorate her 19th marriage anniversary with Kobe.

“We adore we V!” he wrote during a time, while McDonell added, “You are so loved.”

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As she commemorated Gianna’s birthday, Vanessa wrote that she missed “everything” about her late daughter.

“Happy 14th Birthday to my honeyed baby girl, Gianna. Mommy loves we some-more than we can ever uncover you,” she wrote alongside a smiling print of her daughter.

“You are partial of MY SOUL forever. we skip we so most everyday,” she said. “I wish we could arise adult and have we here with me. we skip your smile, your hugs and your giggles. we skip EVERYTHING about YOU, Gigi. we LOVE YOU so much!!!!!!!”

Vanessa’s 17-year-old daughter Natalia also common an romantic reverence to her sister.

“Happy 14th Birthday Gigi! ❤️” she wrote on Instagram, alongside a print of a dual sisters hugging. “I skip your grin bland though we know you’re always smiling down on us from sky with daddy.”


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