Uma Thurman Gave Daughter Maya Hawke a Haircut à La Mia Wallace From Pulp Fiction


Maya Hawke usually got a badass blunt-bob haircut, and it looks like her onscreen pursuit during Scoops Ahoy isn’t her usually explain to ’80s fame. Unlike other celebrities contrast their possess at-home skills with a haircutting scissors, a Stranger Things star enlisted a assistance of nothing other than Uma Thurman, aka her mom, to get a pursuit finished right. “Home haircuts move us behind home. We are all anticipating ourselves again,” Thurman captioned an Instagram post of herself snipping Hawke’s hair in a kitchen on Apr 23.

It might usually be a lighting, though something about Hawke’s haircut bears a distinguished similarity to her mom’s hair when she starred as a iconic Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction. Either way, a chin-length incline looks super lovable from behind, and we can’t wait for Hakwe to share some-more photos of a new cut soon.

Image Source: Getty and Everett Collection

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