UM Science Co-op tyro lands pursuit during Apple


May 26, 2020 — 

If a powers that be in a Science Co-op have a dream unfolding for their participants, Nicholas Josephson’s commune knowledge would be it. After dual successful placements during internal tech companies (Norima Consulting and Invenia), Josephson landed a many sought after internship during Apple as partial of their Software Accessibility Team. Referring to his Silicon Valley army as a “life-changing experience”, Josephson says that he is beholden to have played a partial in Apple’s concentration on accessibility, given it has impacted roughly all aspects of his life (Josephson is visually impaired).

The combined bonus? The UM graduand’s chain eventually translated into a full-time position with Apple. Once COVID-19 transport restrictions are lifted, he’ll be returning to California as a module operative on a group with that he interned. It’s a heady time for a immature Computer Science student.

“I wish to assistance commission everybody a approach we have been. It’s truly a dream come loyal to be operative on this team.”

It’s positively a prolonged approach from Josephson’s early days during a UM. The Miles Macdonell Collegiate connoisseur chose a UM given it was tighten to home and offering a timeless Computer Science program. Additionally, both of his relatives were alums, that gave him additional certainty in his choice.

As he prepares to connoisseur from a UM and eventually conduct behind to California and Apple, Josephson’s recommendation to students is:

“You can reconstruct classroom training in many ways, though we can’t reconstruct a singular experiences, a interactions, and a connections, step outward your comfort section and pursue all of a opportunities that a larger university has to offer. Apply to co-op. Try out research. And many importantly, don’t assume that any event is out of your grasp.”

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