Tyler, a Creator says people who booed Drake off theatre are ‘assholes’


Drake had been requisitioned as a warn guest during Tyler’s eighth annual Camp Flog Gnaw, though fans were reportedly unhappy after believing Frank Ocean was set to make an appearance. 

Continuing his response on Twitter, Tyler criticised a members of a throng who were booing. “Mostly everybody was carrying a good time,” he wrote, “those shits in a front area were a ones being insane rude, which, we can see why, but, nah, fuck that, yall represented me and Flog to my guest and done us demeanour sooo entitled and trash.”

He continued, “that shit was like host genius and cancel enlightenment in genuine life and we consider that shit is fucking trash”, before changing his mind and saying: “But hey male shit happens, all jokes aside shit lowkey humorous hahaha, aside from that, wish everybody had a good time.”