TXT Has Finally Returned With "The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY


Only a year and a integrate of months after their central entrance on Mar 2019, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, or TXT for short, are behind with their biggest quip to date in a form of The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY.

On May 18, a quintet put out their new six-track mini-album, that stands as a delay to a five-track EP The Dream Chapter: STAR and their central entrance manuscript The Dream Chapter: MAGIC, both expelled in 2019.

The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY picks adult thematically from a before two, showcasing a perfection of a tour from innocence, that started with singles like “Crown” and “Cat Dog” to opposing feelings. As settled in a press release, a quintet “continues their tour of growth, encountering conflicts in existence and within friendships” in The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY.

In a media showcase hold on May 18 before to a recover of a album, a members non-stop adult about a album’s symbolism and generally how it picks adult from a dainty The Dream Chapter: MAGIC. “The Dream Chapter: MAGIC was all about a enchanting moments and adventures though The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY is about boys who are now confronting existence and they start to knowledge conflicts and griefs among themselves though they still trust that a feeling they have and common will be eternal,” personality Soobin pronounced around an interpreter.

Taehyun, also around an interpreter, described a new EP as a brew of “pop, hip hop, and acoustic” and his outline is mark on. Throughout all 6 tracks, a quintet explores friendship, loneliness, and memory-making. TXT’s multifaceted low-pitched inlet is in full arrangement in this manuscript — from a initial track, “Drama,” a by-the-book cocktail bop, all a approach to a final track, “Eternally,” that stands as a soothing ballad with metamorphosing bridges.

Alongside a full album, TXT also denounced a video for a pretension lane “Can’t You See Me?” on Big Hit’s YouTube channel and it’s a modern-day take on a almighty feeling of teenage angst. “When those enchanting moments have ended; confusion, fear, and grieves grown between these friends,” Yeonjun pronounced of a pretension track’s impulse in a media showcase, describing it as a “darker” concept. “There’s rancour though we’re also looking during any other to save us and rescue ourselves.” With distracted cocktail beats as a running force, TXT bake a residence down — utterly literally — for both a opening and video of “Can’t You See Me?”

Through The Dream Chapter: STAR, MAGIC, and now ETERNITY, TXT have presented listeners with a story about growth. Much like a albums’ progression, MOAs have also seen a 5 members mature with this trilogy. Tracks like “Fairy of Shampoo” — a reconstitute of dear ’90s lane “‘Light and Salt” featuring an strange swat by Yeonjun — and generally “Maze in a Mirror” showcase TXT’s course as artists.

The fourth lane of a EP, “Maze in a Mirror” is a first-ever strain co-penned wholly by a 5 members but not a usually one. During a media showcase, Yeonjun teased a members had also worked together on another dark lane that they wish MOAs will find. Yeonjun’s difference competence sound mysterious during a impulse though we’ll keep a eyes peeled for clues.

Going from musical ballads to danceable bops, The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY stands as another non-skip recover from a no-longer-rookie act; that is some-more than approaching given their all-star discography. To coincide with a release, Teen Vogue will be throwing adult with a 5 members on Twitter so make certain your notifs are on.

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