Two Exhibitions Respond to Art in a Age of Anxiety and Distance


GC: What we did with Hauser Wirth, we had assistance from my friend Peter, who’s been out here staying with me. We’ve been out here for 5 weeks. We haven’t been means to see a kids or anything. I’m too high-risk to see my kids. They’re young, they could be asymptomatic. He fundamentally walked around a room with a camera while we was in a act of creation my drawings. To have somebody see we in a act of creation something, and afterwards to see that prosaic on a screen, we can contend that thing was done by hand. we didn’t have to close down my bureau for it to be done — we don’t have one. we can remember 4 years ago going over to Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s place in Bridgehampton, and she was saying, “All we wish is a guitar and a good song. we don’t need all that studio [expletive].” The thought of a thespian like Beyoncé only picking adult a guitar and strumming something, good we can do that. You can’t have a studio right now. You can’t have your blending board. It’s roughly like we’re behind to tilt to reel, where someone only pushes a symbol and says what’s function today, like a folk singer. we consider a thought of things being homemade, like a approach we have to prepare each night, a approach life has turn about breakfast, lunch and cooking and how to make yourself happy with your possess dual hands, we consider that’s where we’re headed. I’m anticipating that, post-Covid, people don’t forget that. We all work so tough to be means to get to a indicate where we could transport and take a family on vacation and go to a good hotel, though now we can’t. So we have to make all that complacency in a tiny space, a approach people used to. During a Depression, a fritter of bread would be a biggest thing that could occur to a family. we wish people don’t only go behind to being money-grabbing and horrible. What do we consider is gonna happen?

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