Town of Apple Valley declares internal puncture amid coronavirus pandemic


Apple Valley, CA – Mar 21, 2020: In response to a flourishing COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, currently a Town of Apple Valley announced a internal state of emergency.

Proclamation No. 2020-01 allows a Town to sequence a authority, underneath state law, to mobilize internal resources, coordinate total interagency support, accelerate buying of critical supplies, use mutual aid, and find destiny payment by state and sovereign governments in sequence to respond to COVID-19.

Town Manager Doug Robertson, behaving in his capacity as a Director of Emergency Services and in suitability with a Town’s Emergency Operations Plan, sealed a stipulation today.

“Due to a flourishing widespread of a pneumonia-like coronavirus, and a hazard to a community’s reserve and open health, it is obligatory on a Town to entrance all accessible resources to respond to this crisis,” pronounced Robertson. “We are already saying locally owned and managed restaurants and businesses tighten their doors due to quarantining measures. The mercantile consequences of a pestilence are already impacting Apple Valley families, entrepreneurs and workers.”

In addition, a stipulation orders Town departments lane costs compared with staffing, supplies, and apparatus associated to this puncture and to contention such information to a Town’s Finance Department on a unchanging basement during a march of a emergency.

The Town Council is approaching to sanction a commercial during a Mar 24 unchanging meeting.

In suitability with Governor Newsom’s Thursday dusk sequence for all Californians to stay home, a Town strongly advocates for residents to amicable stretch to assistance strengthen a health and reserve of a Apple Valley friends and neighbors.  Flattening a bend and heightened hygiene sojourn a usually famous medicine to delayed a fast widespread of a coronavirus and equivocate a overburdening of hospitals and health caring professionals. 

“The earlier and improved we amicable stretch and stay home, a healthier we will be as a village to quarrel this pandemic,” Robertson added.

Local information on a coronavirus pestilence can be found on a Town’s Facebook page and website during Please email questions to [email protected]

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