Tom Hanks Wants to Be in a Splash Remake with Channing Tatum: “I Am All in Favor of It”


Often times when films get a reboot, a strange expel doesn’t lapse for a new film, though Tom Hanks wants a new Splash movie to be a difference to a rule. The maestro actor got breeze of a arriving gender-swapped take on a film starring Channing Tatum as a mer-man, and he’s totally on house with a remake. In fact, he wants in on it.

“No one asked me. we am all in preference of it,” he told a AP. “Why not? That’s fine. Look, we consider if they were unequivocally going to be bold, we would come behind as Allen Bauer, and we would go off with Channing Tatum. That would be a confidant movie. And we am suggesting it right now.”

Hanks starred in a strange 1984 rom-com as Bauer, a male who falls in adore with a mermaid, played by Daryl Hannah. In a arriving film being grown by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, Tatum will instead enclose a charmer tail and tumble in adore with a lady on dual legs.

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Or Tom Hanks. Honestly we’d cite a latter.


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