TikTok Star Loren Gray Opened Up About Being a Survivor of Sexual Assault


The following contains descriptions of passionate assault.

TikTok star Loren Gray non-stop adult about being a survivor of passionate attack during a age of 13.

In a video posted on Friday, May 1, a 18-year-old common her story with her 43 million TikTok followers. “This is me, over 5 years ago, not prolonged before my 13th birthday,” she wrote alongside a print of herself as a younger teenager. “At this time, we had my ignorance stolen from me in a groundwork of someone we trusted. we usually told one chairman and to this day, she stays my best friend. We cried in my lavatory together for hours.”

Loren went on to contend that she struggled with bargain because something like this would happen. “It took dual months for me to finally tell my parents,” a TikToker shared. “I felt dirty, hopeless, broken, and worthless. we was confused and scared. we felt like it was my fault.” She combined that she started traffic with a lot of loneliness and siege while being homeschooled, and started creation videos to pass a time, that eventually became an opening and approach to bond with others.

“I was always fearful to tell people my story, fearing people would perspective me differently and we would remove those we cared about,” Loren concluded. “I’m 18 now, and I’ve satisfied that my past does not conclude me. It was never my fault, and we never deserved it. we came out stronger and I’m so unapproachable of myself. There is light during a finish of a hovel and if my story can assistance even ONE person, afterwards to me it’s a story value telling.”

From a comments on Loren’s video, it’s transparent that her story has impressed so many of her fans. “This done me rip up,” one chairman wrote, adding: “I’m so sorry, we never know what people are going through, and we were so strong.” Another fan commented: “I adore we so much, this is not your fault. You are clever and inspiring, my purpose indication given a beginning.”

Later in a day, Loren posted a summary to Twitter to appreciate everybody for their support after she common her experience. “I”m impressed by a volume of support and adore that we have felt today,” she wrote. “But it also breaks my heart how mostly this happens. I’m really propitious that we have such understanding friends and family, who never judged or placed blame.”

The amicable media star went on to note that she hopes her knowledge can both teach and assistance others. “I wish that this can strew some light on a sobriety of passionate assault, and yield wish for anyone who can relate.”

Sexual attack is sadly all too common. According to RAINN, an American is intimately assaulted each 73 seconds, and a immeasurable infancy of assaults are never reported. When someone with a outrageous height comes brazen with an knowledge of their own, it helps other survivors feel reduction alone, reminds them that it wasn’t their fault, and competence even motivate someone to share their story, too.

If we or someone we know has been intimately assaulted, we can find assistance by job a National Sexual Assault Hotline during 800-656-HOPE (4673). For some-more resources on passionate assault, revisit RAINN, End Rape on Campus, Know Your IX, and a National Sexual Violence Resource Center.

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