This Trend Is Starting to Bubble, But It’s Destined to Replace Skinny Leggings


Replace spare leggings? Could a day ever unequivocally come? Well, according to a girls who are always one step forward of a curve, it is good on a way. If we grew adult dancing, we are a small too informed with a dual difference we am about to type: jazz pants. Even if we didn’t grow adult spending your whole life inside of a dance studio, we remember those black elastic pants that arrange of flared out during a bottom. A cult-favorite code during a time was Hard Tail (are your wheels turning?), and we could locate girls 8 to 25 wearing them with only about everything. 

I am here currently to tell we that jazz pants are in fact back, and there unequivocally couldn’t be a improved time for a gentle breathe trend to start bubbling. Made of elastic fabrics and soothing waistbands, jazz pants are here to take divided any distrust we might have had about wearing leggings as “real” pants since this new character is fundamentally leggings intended up. We initial started saying leggings take on new forms with a arise of the split hem, and it is transparent that jazz pants are a vital explanation that leggings are elaborating and transforming right before a eyes. 

The slight bootcut or flared hem gives any outfit, either it be head-to-toe athleisure or a night-out demeanour like Bella Hadid’s (below), a discriminating corner but forcing we to scapegoat any comfort. Ahead, go on to see how conform girls are already wearing a rising trend, and emporium dozens of jazz-pant options for yourself. 

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