This is a 650bhp CO Lamborghini Huracán Evo


How best to out-Evo a Lamborghini Huracán Evo? More power, and a bucket some-more CO fibre. Which, incidentally, is accurately what 1016 Industries has finished to Lamborghini’s baby supercar.

We shall start during a behind since there lies a new CO twine wing mounted solidly to a body, claimed to broach some-more high-speed stability. Around a sides, some-more CO twine skirts, while adult front you’d be tough pulpy to skip a socking good CO fibre bonnet.

Said hood is 4 kilos lighter than Lamborghini’s own, while there are nods to a overwhelming Super Trofeo Huracáns in a form of arch vents (big yes) and a new front spoiler. The equipment will be accessible in fake and twill carbon, and slight and widebody versions.

There’s a small bit some-more energy than before, pleasantness of… well, we don’t know. We do know this one gets 650bhp from a V10, and a small some-more torque, too.

Sweet colour, too. 1016 Industries contend that 10 per cent of a company’s sales from now until 30 Apr will be donated to a World Health Organisation, that is also sweet.

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