This Fresh Adaptation Of Jane Austen’s Sanditon Is About To Become Your Next Period Drama Obsession


Another day, another Jane Austen adaptation. Thankfully, a initial images of ITV’s stirring Sanditon have all a classical duration play elements that done us tumble for a channel’s record-breaking Downton Abbey.

There’s Rose Williams as a energetic immature heroine Charlotte Heywood, staring out during a sea like a member of a Monterey 5; Theo James as her puzzling adore seductiveness Sidney Parker (in a brocade waistcoast, of course); and Anne Reid as a formidable, ageing heiress Lady Denham, who calls to mind Maggie Smith’s Lady Violet. Yet another reason to get excited: Emmy and BAFTA-winning author Andrew Davies (War Peace, Les Misérables, Pride and Prejudice) has created a script.

This is a first-ever vital radio instrumentation of Austen’s final – and deficient – novel, that she was forced to desert due to bad health months before her genocide in 1817. While a Sense and Sensibility author usually wrote 11 chapters of a novel, a book has been fleshed out to 8 hour-long instalments.

Filmed in and around Bristol, a array follows Charlotte, one of Austen’s many energetic heroines, as she leaves her father’s farming estate in Sussex for a illusory coastal city of Sanditon – populated by a operation of individualist (and spasmodic shadowy) characters who, according to Davies, go in for a “bit of bare bathing”. This is no encampment drama, however, with a story trimming from a close and unwashed streets of Georgian London to a sensuous pleasant islands of a West Indies. Consider your Sunday nights filled until serve notice when it premieres after this year.

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