This former NASA and Apple operative built a Ninja Warrior march for squirrels


Mark Rober

After building and installing a bird-feeder in his behind garden, ex-NASA and Apple operative Mark Rober — beheld he had a problem: Squirrels kept eating food meant for birds.

The apparent solution: Create an insanely elaborate Ninja Warrior-esque barrier march for a squirrel. Clearly.

Mark Rober got to a Ninja Warrior indicate after contrast out mixed “squirrel proof” bird feeders and examination them destroy spectacularly in a face of some ridiculously intelligent rodents. That (and many substantially a dullness of coronavirus quarantine) desirous him to take things a small further.


Mark Rober

Rober goes to violent lengths to make certain his barrier march is squirrel proof. There are mazes, wire bridges, catapults… this thing is like Mouse Trap times a million. But if a squirrel successfully completes a course, they are given unobstructed entrance to a large raise of walnuts. 

Incredibly a squirrels found ways to mangle a course, forcing Rober to adjust mixed times during this march of this video, that we positively should watch. 

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